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and they believe success is unlikely. Their mindset isn’t preparing them for success. Instead, they’re putting their faith in past experiences rather than being open to our expertise. Ultimately, these patients don’t believe they deserve a healthy life, and they set themselves up for failure. Wellness starts from within, and when people can embrace that and appreciate who they are, they see better results. It’s never easy to start, and sometimes it can be difficult to maintain a lifestyle that has a focus on health and wellness. We live in a quick world full of instant gratification through social media and fast food. We crave what isn’t good for us and slog through fulfilling what is. But there’s nothing more rewarding than completing a workout you never thought you could do or actually enjoying a quick, healthy meal, because you know you’re doing it for all the right reasons. The best part about these healthy results is that you then get to live the life you’ve always wanted. As a family, my wife, our kids, and I love to spend our free time boating on the lake, either skiing or hiking in the Colorado mountains, and walking through the zoo and science center. We work hard to maintain our health and wellness and buildThe Livewell Clinic so we can spend plenty of time also playing hard with our kids. We want them to lead full and enriching lives, and we believe teaching them how to love their health sets them up to do that.

When you make health your No.1 priority, you affect so many other valuable facets of your life, as well. Putting your health first doesn’t mean you are neglecting other priorities. It means you’re putting your well-being — and therefore, your family —before everything else. You put yourself in a position to love your life simply by taking care of your health. Even better, you teach those who mean the most to you why this matters. My wife and I value raising healthy, happy kids, and we’ve found getting your kids actively involved in their nutritional choices from a young age sets them up for success. Our kids have lunch boxes that include various slots to store different parts of their meal, and we pack most of the slots for them. But they get to choose what to fill in the remaining sections —under our watchful eyes. When you first try this, your kids are going to do what every kid does and ask for the most outrageous food they’ve ever eaten. Most will ask for candy or sweets, but if you continue to say no, their focus will soon shift to healthier options. We’ve found that our kids are now asking for whole, healthy foods instead of sugar-loaded junk. They’re learning what foods make them feel good, and they are watching their mom and I take care of our bodies. They know why we maintain a regular gym routine, adhere to certain food groups, and focus on our mentality. We’re making ourselves healthier and happier so they can be, too.

It’s extremely discouraging to us when patients first come to see us and they’re already full of complaints. They hate this and that about themselves,

And it will work for you, too.

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