Marvel - The Legacy Collection 2021

MARV E L t h e l e gacy co l l e c t i on

prestigious collections of Marvel comic book art in the United States. To echo the vivid colours and dynamism of the original large-scale artworks, each graphic has been created by a specialist atelier team using the fine art giclée printing process. This painstaking technique captures the fine details of the original works, including the meticulous shading and ink strokes that added a new dimension to the costumes, weapons and explosive fight scenes. Presented in a modern black frame, each image is represented in three edition sizes: a deluxe edition of four, a collector’s edition of 10 and/or a standard edition of 99. Few were signed by Stan Lee, making the collection even more desirable. The range of complementing sizes also allows collectors to curate their own body of work. Providing a snapshot of the early modern era of Marvel Comics, these adrenaline-filled scenes are taken from unforgettable story arcs , both triumphant and tragic. With comic book art now as meaningful as ever, as stories of superhuman strength in the face of adversity circulate in the news and our social media feeds, The Legacy Collection shows how something extraordinary is always just a few pages away.

There’s nothing that can’t be overcome with a little courage and help from friends. In this rare selection of Marvel graphics, we see covers, splash pages and double-page spreads taken from the stories of bravery and honour that have passed through the hands of comic book fans for decades. The Legacy Collection commemorates not only the extraordinary triumphs of the characters, but those of the original superhero: the late, great Stan Lee . Hand-signed by the Marvel Comics legend, each of the limited edition artworks captures the illustrations of some of the most acclaimed comic book artists of all time, including John Romita Jr., David Finch, Gabriele Dell’Otto, Sara Pichelli and Marko Djurdjević. Alongside his team – which included writers, pencillers, inkers, colourists and letterers – Stan brought the world’s best-loved superheroes to life. More complex and human than their predecessors, these incredible characters started a conversation that transcended the speech balloons of the comic book pages and can still be heard today. Never before exhibited in the UK, this desirable collection continues Stan’s legacy. Showcasing characters like Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Black Widow and Captain America, the graphics have been curated from one of the largest and most

STAN L E E 1922-2018

Born Stanley Martin Lieber in New York City on December 28th 1922, Stan Lee was an iconic American comic book writer, editor, and former president and chairman of Marvel Comics. He began his career at Timely Comics in 1939, earning $8 a week to help Captain America creators Joe Simon and Jack Kirby with office and production tasks. It wasn’t long before he was given the editor’s reins (at the age of just 18), but with the United States increasing their involvement in World War II, the need for real-life superheroes was paramount and Stan enlisted. After returning to New York and taking up his comic book stories once again, Stan was encouraged by his wife to create a superhero squad to rival that of the popular DC Comics’ Justice League of America – and with that the Fantastic Four was born, along with the Marvel title. Just like the down-on-his-luck Peter Parker, Stan fought for good over evil through his characters. Along with superheroes who save the day, he challenged important issues like racism and inequality to create a happy ending for all. In collaboration with writers

like Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, he created famed characters including the X-Men, Black Panther, the Hulk and Thor. His favourite creation was believed to be Spider-Man, with Stan quoted to have said in an interview: “In a way Spider-Man is more special than the others. Nothing ever goes right for Peter. I think for most people in the world, nothing ever goes right.” Stan’s Marvel Revolution extended beyond the characters and storylines to forge a bond between comic book readers and their creators. His determination to fight for what was right and challenge bigotry, injustice and discrimination may have landed him in hot water with the Comics Code Authority, but it won him a legion of fans around the world. Upon his tragic death in November 2018, comic book fans of all ages united to mourn the 95-year-old’s passing. His legacy is remembered not only through his award of The National Medal of Arts, but through the superheroes he crafted on his trusty typewriter, and the generations who continue to be inspired by them.

This collection is now available online and in Castle Fine Art galleries nationwide. For more information, get in touch.


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