Marvel - The Legacy Collection 2021


EXC L US I V E I N T E RV I EW Stan Lee’s conviction in comic book art as a legitimate art form was illustrated during our exclusive interview, where he talked about his role as an art director and editor at Marvel Comics. Interspersed with close-ups of the artworks and catchphrases from characters like the Avengers and Iron Man, this dynamic video tells the story behind The Legacy Collection in Stan’s own words. “Comic book art, whether covers or insides, I think will take its place alongside of every type of art that’s venerated in museums and galleries,” he said. “Comic book art is really just as beautiful and requires just as much talent as just about any other form of artwork.” He added: “I think heroes can be popular if they’re in some way credible and believable, even though they’re fiction. I would hope that today’s heroes, like Iron Man or the X-Men, have that same effect on readers – that the reader feels these could be real people.”

“ Com i c book art i s r ea l ly just as b eau t i f u l and r e qu i r e s just as mu c h ta l e n t as just abou t any o t h e r form o f artwork . ” – Stan Lee

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