Patches Woven Labels Ebook



Different types of stitching will achieve different looks; in some cases, we may opt for direct embroidery, and in others, we will opt for patches and labels. Artwork limitations can end up determining which process you go for. We can also produce a larger quantity of the design upfront and use the patches for different applications on bags or apparel, or just a great gift for folks to use as they please. Sending out Patches and stickers with a notebook, for instance, is an easy gift to ship .

MERROW EDGE Standard patch border. A 1/8" border that over locks the emblem edge, preventing fraying. For large, simple shapes like circles and shields. SATIN STITCH EDGE A hot knife cut border with a 1/16"-1/8" satin stitch edge that simulates a merrow border without over-locking the emblem's edge. Good for more unique shapes. HOT KNIFE EDGE Smooth, hot knife cut stitched border. For patches with complex shapes or detailed borders. LASER CUT EDGE Smooth cut fabric border. Enables design to extend to the edge with no stitching on the emblem edge. Available on woven patches and labels.





SATIN STITCH Flat stitches are sewn closely together to cover fabric sections and used for letters, borders, and areas of design. FILL STITCH Parallel running stitches are used to cover large areas. Different fill patterns are available. RUN STITCH A single line of stitches. This pattern is used mainly for thin outlines or borders and fine detailing. PUFF STITCH Satin stitches are sewn over a foam, plastic, or rubber foundation to create a 3-D puffy effect. Large round letters are recommended.




PERMANENT HEAT SEAL For permanent heat-press or iron-on application of patches to most garments. HOOK & LOOP Includes both male and female sides. Available in black, white, and tan. TEMPORARY STICKER Pressure sensitive. For temporary application. Good for up to 4 or 5 uses. Can be sewn on for permanent hold.



PLASTIC For sew-on purposes. Makes for a sturdier patch and a smoother backing.

NON-WOVEN FABRIC Thin, paper-like fabric to hide backside stitching. For sew-on appli- cation.


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