King's Business - 1911-01



Sealed. 2 Cor. 1: 22 We know not what God holds in store, Nor what his will for each may be. As we pass through another door Of life's untraversed mystery. We know not if this year may lead To shade or sunshine, joy or woe, To thorny road, or flowery mead Whilst yet we tarry here below. We know not; but 'tis good to feel We cannot pass from out His care; Upon His own, God sets His seal, And He doth keep them everywhere. Then let us now, with heart at rest, Start bravely forth on path untried; Our Father plans for each the best, And He most surely will provide. Charlotte Murray. HMWMMi IMWMMHINHMtaMMMMMiHMW* Published Once a Month by THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Bible Institute Press.

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