Grand Strand Health and Wellness - September 2019

Grand Strand’s Teammate of the Month Celebrating Mary Maestras

At Grand Strand Health and Wellness, our staff are more than just employees; they’re all instrumental parts of a team. Without any one of them, we couldn’t help our patients nearly as well as we do. This month, I want to shout out Mary Maestras, our front desk receptionist and insurance assistant. Mary is incredibly caring toward both the team and our patients, and she demonstrates this by cheering her teammates on in whatever they’re doing that day and cheering patients on in whatever stage of healing they’re in. In doing so, she also shows how considerate she is by knowing and caring about the lives of everybody she comes into contact with on a daily basis. Being the front desk

receptionist and insurance assistant also means she has the answers to a lot of questions that our team or I might have about those subjects. She is always quick to answer, and, if we ask her something she doesn’t know, she never fails to point us to someone who does. Mary succeeds in doing something that is incredibly hard for so many people: She is an active listener. Whether a patient is just telling her they have to change, or they’re telling her about their week, she is never just waiting to interject with her own thoughts or her own stories. Mary genuinely cares about what our patients say, and this allows her to form a bond with them. Without Mary, those bonds would not be nearly as prevalent in our office. She always

creates a space where people feel welcome, no matter what is going on in their lives.

Mary loves spending time with her family, and she loves telling us about them at the office. When she’s not at the office, she loves helping her granddaughter get scuba gear and spending as much time at the beach as humanly possible. She is also a food connoisseur, and she loves talking about her favorite dishes. We at Grand Strand couldn’t ask for a better receptionist and insurance assistant.


Client Success

“My experience at GSHW has more than met my expectations. The staff is friendly and professional, and there is very little wait time. Dr Garner is not only a healer but also a teacher. I like his workshops that provide information to help the patient continue with home care and make improvements on their own. He encourages good health habits and gives his patients information to improve their overall health. To me, that is the true definition of a health care provider.” –Diane W.

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