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Palmer Paving Gains Estimating Speed and

Palmer Paving is no stranger to benefits of software technology, and a unified approach to estimating, performance tracking and accounting continues to pay dividends. Technology systems at the company based in western Massachusetts include B2W Estimate and B2W Track from B2W Software and the Vista accounting/ERP program from Viewpoint, all Trimble companies. Palmer is a Peckham Industries subsidiary specializing in highway construction, commercial paving and excavation and sitework. The company also supplies asphalt and aggregates with four plants. Bidding fast and accurately with software “What makes the estimating software so effective and one of the leading products out there is the availability to customize it, to really tailor it to the jobs that we bid,” says Jim Madden, chief estimator. Palmer Paving creates more than 500 estimates annually. Large bids are in the $10- and $20-million range. Smaller projects might be worth less than $150,000. Flexibility, and Powerful, Easy Tracking and Analysis with Software Technology By Greg Norris

Regardless of bid size, a prepopulated database of accurate cost items within the estimating software is a big time saver. Estimators at Palmer have also built various crew structures and tasks for completing work, along with personnel, equipment, and other costs associated with these crews and tasks, into the software. These can be plugged into the bid as required. “We can get a small, routine bid out of here in 15 or 20 minutes, if we have all the information for it,” says Madden. “With a larger, more complex job, the software allows us to not have to build the whole thing from scratch.” Bidding on larger jobs can be a collaborative effort at Palmer Paving. One estimator could be inputting subcontractor pricing while others work on other aspects. This ability for multiple estimators to work simultaneously, without confusion over versions or who changed what, is a powerful advantage of estimating with specialized software.



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