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Jimmy Gilleece Proves Heroes Exist THE THIEF AND THE WEDDING RING

like the ring was lost to the sea, but Gilleece again went the extra mile and hired divers to search the ocean floor. By some miracle, they found the wallet with the ring still safely inside. This wasn’t the end of Gilleece’s good deeds. Young Prather, the thief, was homeless and hadn’t eaten in two days. Estranged from his mom and living in the forest alone, Prather stole the wallet so he could buy food. “I could tell he wasn’t a criminal,” Gilleece said. “He was just somebody who needed a little help.” And Gilleece offered that help. Today, Prather lives at Gilleece’s house with Gilleece’s fiancée and kids. He’s working two jobs, including helping out around the bar, and says his future looks bright for the first time in years. “I couldn’t have been luckier,” Prather said. “Most other people would have just [given] the footage to police and he chose to help me. He’s made me part of his family.”

Jimmy Gilleece owns a bar called Jimmy’s at Red Dogs in North

Carolina. Like any good business owner,

Gilleece cares about his customers, but earlier this year, Gilleece showed just how big his heart is when he went above and beyond for a woman who lost her wallet and for the thief who stole it. In March 2018, Gilleece was contacted by a woman who had lost her wallet at his bar. She was frantic because her wedding ring, valued at $10,000, had been inside the wallet. Rather than shrug it off, Gilleece combed through security-camera footage. After three hours of searching the footage, he spotted the wallet on a bench outside the bar just as a suspicious young man approached. With a little detective work, Gilleece discovered the thief was 17-year-old Rivers Prather. The boy admitted to taking the cash and dropping the wallet into an ocean channel. It looked

This just shows how much good a little compassion can bring.

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