The Record SUNY Buffalo State Student Newspaper

Volume 102-103

June 1998-May 1999

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Marijuana: No longer an underground drug .... ... America continues the 300-year-old legalhation debaJe

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_"_..,. Tbtf«-lit-U-,.._C..W..dte,.,.._..n:.._..TIIC. nnblnnedlhe..colak:oh:11.M• ani.SCIOffllllfflially. Se#t..ib­ Uimlbo�hdiia.1po, buct.iinllicii'�atlhetum 1a11rormofc.wtiis,ioPcni 1 1nd of dte ce:ntutJ, fulllftd a hard NortbAfrblmitacl,..Cffllury. andy�IMrijllMlrcsia. ltwun'tlllltil IS4.Sdlallt& 8ylhe 1920&.Slll'ijuanluw Sp111ishbrw,&111CIIMllbls IO the a ris.c in r«rutloeal ue l. n Ammcl's.lft 1611,1he&lpishi9- Anxrica.Somehb!Oriw11ythe

�itioehe�ldtlo, iaffl:Ueia•CMbelllnliukdlO mmtofJllrGIOWII-.tlcft it t,o. 1kohol prollittitioa. Matij..M came aIDljor cn,p rivati•c 10- oou.Wkfowidiftihcjw:clutsand becco, lltW '*' Clllod"\capodl"wbcre By lt9().hefflpwurq,IKICd •atij\llU WU$llll0lcd fr«ly. ::r�..:::.e..-:== c.........,. •• cotdMlodtobe-«lmedicinally s................._ .. New chow slinger: Marriott 9yM..,AMGo6n Btn.,o/1'/,ws�rric� B1dl'a.lo SI* Colk••baa• "We want to let people know duit we wiJlbcOU1toialbto01Defricad,,.· Bater wettddinc dlM scuduu aroulld caaipu1 111111 MOhim at fooeballpmc,­ ousodluc..,...c:dvl-. "'Wc.,..,.OGl)',oin11odo care and we're not justthe foodguys." ---J<,.......--

new (oodwvice, p,ovldetwbo ptOlllilaIOb8 'Wcrfri,ellClly.• SodexhoMw,ilJllt Suvlca '-boenQIIC...-sinccApri!J4. Thc:ywcrehindtof\iMIBSC"afood scnlce aft'1 Anma.r� Food 1 Cotponllioe'ICC.lnCIWMnot........ oi.We've wotk" •er, 4iU• ,-JyMdllhiuourCUIIClfflffl wouldll)'il'••mooch....... ..

foocltertice--·�pa110bo­ coma1Cthrd)'invol¥0dillllc� ...-1cy,-ho....S."'Wew.llll01d: people klbw that .,...ewe: ud wc'n110&.;.ftfoodru11-· So bow diff•rHI will �- .... , ... -

What BS can I expect at BSC? Things That Go Bump... . putthas.c doc$n' l rc,t.n-edccenl in,-.•GcCuscd to drinl:ing. 'There parl:ing spoufor5'udcMS.(nfact, isn't 11. whole lot more lo do in thepermitsives sludcnlS the ri . sht 81.lrfa)oduringthcwimcr1ime than lo�k iothc worst�nsspou drink Hd there ccrtllinly isn't on c.1111pl.lS, Try not to hold it m!Kh to do on campus .. Doo't asainst faculty,su.rr. and.dtnin- wony if you're undtJi,c. 'Jbcrc is1r.1tion lhat pay under four dol· arcseveralt,arsycucaneasily1e1 lats for their rcscrwdspots.lbey intone.the8uff al0S1.11eampus. haw;uwutdcalwilhthcirunion M)'lC-lfbcing undc:raie:, lamnot and the colltge. Students do nOI 1oin1 10 provide thllt list here.. Nvca union rcpresentin1!hem. How!1hat'upmtybiJ subj«:tlo lake, ooand thisl'ilmdid alousyjobof i1. h's lhc:mos.t low­ key End Of 1bcWorlcl you c.1n inuJ,int. Only a fewpeoplearepicked 10 survive. You'd think there wouldbesen::Mli��offc:v· craz.cdcitiunsblltcrin:sdownthe doorso( lhc-ARK-. but no ... We &tt a (cw douo. mildly vok-ing Anothtt waste of lime and money:"GtHfdlts!'' The first couple minulcS of thi.s looked promising nooooo. Godtilla LW'M OUI IO bc a P:i.n.ny tailed, top-heavy li:urd who is ncttr thesame siu twoshots ina row(he's rullypr¢UYsmall)."'ilo k>ok.sandhas aJI themovesof an over-siud Junssie Pat\ r2ptor. They fflUQ have got lhc sor,wue. program.mina,anda lotorthc-JIJ­ nssicPark"Morycheap!Aboutan thcy did was c:hangc.lbe shapeol theheldand tltt:# toots like ltwas made rrom a shoebox..1bceom, puter work is more tr1.nparen1 -Juma111i"' man solid -Ju.nssic For thissummer issue of Th� Rtcord. I thou1,hl l'd give you a • preview or all lhc difficultiesyou ca n cx . pcct to go through atB.uf­ fllo S1;a1e College. For swtcn, lcam l1ulmany of lhc omcc:s on Qmpus which you mi&ht think � dcsigl'ICd to­ help siuden.U.we not ve:ry eff ec­ tive i11 doillg so. You wi ll be In.stead of our governmcn1 stocl:incup on EtldOfThc:Wotld n

Op/Ed ·····················································································�····· . �� It's time to legalize one of the planet's most versatile plants 'lo '\'hl' 1-:lntot·

olthc incomin . 1 freshman �nd transfer studc-n.ts 10Buff aloSta1c Colle:gc. Myname isDarren POJUC:and ev­ ery we:tk during lhc scmc.stcr I write a column which focusesoo isSIICS which affect ShH:k:nlS. hlrdpttSSed tofiod a stud«lt hc:rc who couldn't tellycua nighunat• ishs.ioryabou.tdcaling withoff'ICCS such as filWKlal aid, student ac­ COUlltsor public safety. Whe11 doinJ lklsincss wilh theseoff!Cesyou MUsr NOT lake it f«panted 1M1 aA)' (o,msyou( 1 kwillbepropertypro,, cesscd.Expect e:mploymc11t pa­ pers.addresscMngcappliCltion.s, andany sortoffi1W1Ci.alaid (onns to be k>sL Call up therespective$1ntivcotr.cesooaperiodic basis lO check Ofl 11.ny impon.aot forms. Always expect the worst ..whendc:aling withthcs,cpeople. it willsave you a IOI of Slt«S, E,.pc:ct a lot or cxctcise from walkin1toc�Ukrpwti0;1ywr CM.Tha1 ' $10 . .� n 1pcnnit you

lcia1iution or 1ny ilfegal dn.ti woulddesltoy lhcrnonJfiberor ourCOtilfttry, yet we already have le-galIObaecOatldaloohol.His im, plication iswtif the U.S.were:10 legalize marijlWUIthenwewould be fococdtoc�ntually kgali.zclhc moreCWl.g(':rou$dNp. Icompve it to how lhe U.S. cculd notbKk wt or Vaclflam bceluse it would shc>wour�totheComrm­ nisu.hwas a Wat 11Wcovld not be woaand wasof littJe Jianil'i· cant im�yct we continued to punish ours.clvc-.s. This is the case or lhc marijuana issue.. We eventually save up the war t,e.. tal&SC it wuMedlculyduna.Sing outC01;1Dt1)',1oompaRcocaineand heroin to thewva.pi.Mt the Na­ zis. We would i,cvcr bodedown rrom SllC.h a dangerous political party,Md>NC would new;r back down on tbc$ed.angc:roosdnlp. lf-. .esll1tffldcr 10oureow:m­ mcnt and Jive up lhc liberty of owning one or the plmcu most versatile plants,lhe-ftwc arconly purcha.sinJ temporarynf'ely from prosecution. It was ThomH Jcff crsoo�said...Hc�would give up C$$C11tial liberty to pur· chase temporary,safely dcurvc, ocilhcr liberty norsafely," Jim McGill is right. J( we scn:wup, theniOfflCODC will fol, low andmalcc lhcs.a,nemlswte. hopkdon'tt.ali.t.chowimpc:w\lftt the Un.isodStalocl is to lhc world �y. I too will ask cvcryono 10 do OflCvery impo,tlllt deed for yourcounlr)'.Plc.aschelp 10 keep yowbrochcrlandmlCnOU1ofjail and vote for kpliutioA.asSOOft aspOlilici&ASve bold enough to pbce it on thcU" platform.. Mari· juanaffll)'nothelpthecountry.blrl wmingourhardw

A.Thesamepersonwho ism:po• libtc inprohibition: I.heuser if he causesdamlcc.. Q, How will-..edcal wil.hlhe in• cruscin im.migrants c ocheU.S.? A,IfSOfflCOMcan aff ord tomove tothcU.S.justtostn0kcpot,lsay tMyprobably willnot be •� 1cm. quite olTcosive. I rnllSl mCIIUon Q.Canwebegin • lepliucionpi· lhalIonlywpportthe lepliution lexprogaminyourneijhbothood'? of mlrijuaaa and not1h11. ol co- A. The only difference in the cai';'C· orhm:lin. nc: ighborhoodswouJdbe lhatyow 1 agree whh Jim McGill's neighbors would be srowing pol sta1t-mC11tlha1 themarijuana situ· aswell ascomand IOlrialOCS, ation has alw1ysbeen &11 i.ss11t or McGillasb"Howcanpeople IMCIC)', ltw.s first amancrof lhc diefrom cocair»e and heroin and moneymadefromwoodputpvcr• notdie rromman;-.arCocainc sus thac orhemppulp.Ancwspa� nukc-.s your bean explode ond pcrC)'COOflnamedBillHeatsa.who heroill mikes your stop owned substantial lumber land i11 worl:ing. Muijuana kills slowly Was.hington St.ate,sutcd 011 lhc lil:cciprcttcs, alcohol ,,tcat.cor­ rron1 Pl.CC of his�that fee and all of the 01hc . r things INrijuanaisdimctlyn:btedtolhc people enjoy cvu thou&h lhcy rape of while women by black shouldtl'L men. With only 1he minority l agcclhatpotisnocgoodfor poupsusin&chednigauhutime. people. I asree that pre1 . n an1 i1 is11otwrprising that it wu (ti· womeo ud ehildtc.n should not ily m.cle ilteaal by the misia, smokeit.As farasthemcdic.iUKS formed i• the early tw entiethocn· orinarijtw\l. go. I would say I.hie 1ury.HCfflpwuapin lcpliz.cdfor i(someone who is dyiflg orAIDS theWorldWvlldf�ltwasthen 0tcaftOCf feels dw a little crus anothcf«ol)Offlic is.sue 11.fltt the hcJpsrclievethcpainfu.lsymptoms wwthallcdtoilSprohibiUonasec- thcotheyshould havetherigh.t io oCldtime; biomassfuelsvususthat smoke.Thcttl.sanolduyinc here offossil theworld"s i.nAmcricl. "You w111na live t«· mostfibrousplatll andthconlyOl'IC cvuQO"wt,oyrMarij\Wllusemay lhal canbeYscd 10mmbiomass bedcercasiag in the U.S.• bu., I fuel. Today it is still anwve of bclie¥e it isnotbecauseAmcricaM moocy. The money is col, wa.nt ,o ,top. II is b«•usc Bis lccwlby thosewho pia ,c:w;nu,c Btoeherismakilll uspeein•cvp. from the criminaljusti«. system, McOill sWcS thaa the crime such u the Onig Enforce:incnt nites would ,kyrocket 10 u11im•g· Ageocy.Thisislhe cascof ourof- - inable heigh!& to which there tc:n•misUJCld rorePano

-=:::i�� N••-1....UUh wur....irn,au1"')!6:l 1odisdoudu Joa tNJlIomboth publidy stated.moro edit"" o/ llti.s paJ>lic.otio11 oNl hisin1CMOM10cootr1Cl prtffdtNo/tltt,1 iliuyservicauameans AU«UJlkmCorporation. Inan cratemenmoney. 1llCSO '"'LfflP' 1oprtWidtvon'dopin- (utids will come from I.he KNISo1>o111 ,Mp,r,c,ess.tJNI,Ju ell of scl.Mknts in the form d«i#on rr,a,din.,opua#Oltof highuprices. dJcCOtflPlilJbooi:.UOIT for1MnuJ lc,1yaJn,I ilfllile leuus/romtM collrte comm1UJily. • wbicbwasappointedby coUep RcocolJy , Bu.ITaloSwcCol- .. lion, never met Na lcge. Ptuident Dr. Muriel A. not OdlCC. No vtloer r::.. t=��=. 10 fairly cv aluate dlil [fJ?lf� ��;· uutiiononoemacdVnas:&.* .. - . • 9...,..& NoblesJl!lfl employees a mioUDQIIIofS5. """°"'-1hcl'SAJ>

P><\",N«We"Good.-·...... 11.bly why 1hcy have ii raining throughout the cnlirc pictutt. The only thing remotely Godrilla-y is theJaplllCSCftshina boattlw getstta,h:d. And me. but why would • radioaic,iw; reptile rrom theSouthPaci(,tcomeallthe-.·ay 10M111h1u:an10 by cgs? "'lt'su islaod!"Oh!'Thatupbinsit!Atld what is the big secret the ugly fm1ChCUY lhcy'rc trying to pass off u a mysteryhero is tt)iflg 10 �rup??'Yihoilnspomibkfor this,cript?! The coc1m, stinks out loud! I guesslhcyfi:1urcd if theydwow in about200babyrnonsccnwewon't noticebowbaditis.(SEQUEL!!!!) I'msony. Icucss\hiswasan OK,noasicrmovicCorl:ids-But DOtrTname it"Goa.illll"!! Now.. If you W1t1i ,o save mon,cy andsee.a rully rood, io­ cclliJcntlYmade,tlunlcln.gpc,soo's $dcace:(IClionfilm.$CIC"Gdlc& ,, This isan uodcr•n&cdmovie.. Ittd:csplace inlhcaot toodiswlt (ucune,where il'spossible 10 pro, dUtt offsprinad\.alc:arricsonlythe bestthe�auhaveeootru. ihe humao auome ha.s b«:11 com­ plttely m.1ppcd aod a pe:rson's DNA pro(�i.scichcr apedigJW paru1ee CN'an aJWUOSSIIOt.lild ooc·sncclc. 'J'hissto,yL$1botl1sibli.1t.1ri• val,y,murder,v.nse.lfish love.and ovttCOmlftlshonOOriopudot,.. scae:tes in a l'utwistic40sKClffl.l. Also.hasanyoaenoticedthat "Gabca,. isspc.llcd withthe four audcotidebuildiQ,JblockkClo:sol DNA' !?C-0-A•T!(Wh,Ido OAT ...SACAoodc 10

fichlins. maimina. and rioling theirw1ytohighera,ouod 10avoid lhckiller tsunami lhccometstrike wille:ause.weget •fewpeople sit• in thcirunwasting lime aod one Isyear-oldkidonamotorbike wcavioa his u1thindercd way through wh.1t loots like XIab:ln� doM:djunk yatd. In real lire.that l:idWOl.lld �ve: made itlboul 10 yardsbefore:beingraped.dismcm· bc«id. murdttcd attd ho.ving the bike ilOICl'I. (1bc dir«lor ffil.lSI Nve: (orgout,n to put in the part abou\ftlliag the entire world', wattr supply wi1h valium. an.ti• depre:ss:ants, qual11dcs: and S1. Jotu:i'sWort.)Andspeakingohht: kiUcrwave,isn'titluckyitconked ouc 10 fcct ahor1 or lhc IS year· oldkid?Wow! 1bc e.Kpcn asuonauts thCy sctlduptosaw;.usarcdumber than dirt. DUH! Why dothey W2i1 till tile(litcnlly) ,� minu1e 10 lhin.k of cruhitig their ship in10 lhc comet. A otic-dearcc course ctwice (rammillions olmiksout mcansadata--.Aone-degree course:chanrc from a few miles. oi.-.meacsmillom.ddd.! URC! Robert Duv•II (who is usually p-t:at)asthc.oldcuyift�tlft't very in chuge. He spuds the whole movi,c gri11niQg aipe,logcli· cally at his younger crew. Joh• Bua. the end of the worldis unowly avoided.Thep,csidcnt matc.s his "'we-have-survived ">pocd,:"Blah.Blah.Blah.boltll< wo,mrtt�tkd.Blah.Blah,Blah. bid tl1t wottr, rtctdtd...... I thou.gNfor ami!Wlehewasgoillg 10go into aJesse Jactsoa imita·

enough tomerit•collegediplomo. 1myself cuCOUIII on�bandall I've.lcuncdsillCCbeinghcR.. Pleasedonotmisi.n.tcq,rctthe purposeo( Ibisaruc:1c. It isnot 10 bashBufl'lloSwcor toscateany­ one. 11 ts to prepare you for DSC life, whk:hisn'tneces:sarilyworse dial\ 111yothct collegc or univer­ sity. I e:njc,y going toBSC W1 choisegoinchcteoverocherSUNY schoo l s. However, change is ..........,.......bywriw,g­ lhcsc.problc:ms. I can il'litiatedc­ bale:oa theseissues. Remember themost rcWlf'd.. inJcolkgeupc:ritoce is mcctina fricftdsywwi.llhavcforati� Mate the most of these yurs.. Good luck. it's goou be • long ride. ingpnd,c riQJ •bell?Howabout a little i:chool ,pirit from you, Mike.Mr.ex Marinc?W'ithoutall of the (ratc:mi.tics ud sororities particip•ting ia the pu.dc, it woulcln' c be much of a panide WOl.lldic? Ittscnt the r� tlw Mimacl Wade makes such u11uuc juds· meatsll'ldpushesitonioocbmUI ourschoolptl)Ct.Don'tIr)' tolite •way ourchMcc toCIITJ onour org111iwk>11. rue yourattitude lOWlrdsfnlcnliticsaodsororities somc.whcrcebe.Thisisonlytnlth. Accq,til

lfyouo.rea�tlivin1ina donn,,my pn.ytrsare wilh you. (TheColk&e likc:stouse&hemore poliliully correct tcnn. .. Resi­ dence Hall." Be sure to not be fooledbyohlsprop,pnd>.l)omu . IO!ydocs

Stereotypes about sororities and fraternities untrue usMdparticipa1e i11 someor our community pcoj«ts.After all. doll't 1heydcsc:rve•ctwice1odc­ cide if lht.y llkcusorAOt?You act asif wedoflOlhini, Wehave fo,,, ma1meetings.discuss� is­ sues.WCvoteMschoolclccuoM, and as•mactcror fact,oneor my sororitymembers ran (or sNdicnt .Also.doe:sthebomccOcn­ 1· 0 ·n,,· \ .l\i to,· I would lite to &alk8bout a ltt'lliticsandsororitiesalsoraised rc«otleueroafl"l&CRitiaandM> moncyforthe�daycarc. tori.ticlbyMkhaclWadc.Notonly ce11tcrtbis year.. Iam NOT'trylq washis letlUwroo.1,wt ii wast� lO justify myself OfmyorpolD­ tally otf•base. Michael Wade', tiocl,bu11ool:11thef.acuaodlnllhs wholewtickwubuc:don� before youmile:yourcnldcjudg, types and ccncrt.lizations. If he mcnu. knowsui)1hioa.t>outwriti.Jlg.he What we are about is more: would have knowfl thM good au• thanyou «ocbcrpccpkwillever lhon avoid making guen.liu• k:now. ml't it fuany how wroai lions.He s: l.l&cd lhM. .. Al l you re- youarc. I'm tlOC saying ftaactni• allyICCOtlCUOP'lJarcpartic,.MCS tiesMdsororitia are . perfect..but cvcaia.cballs."ud."'whenI walk theOtlCSlbowofMBuffaloStatc intothe uaioo thecc b•clispby." do• lot or fund raisiQS ror� Could it be dial you arc noc io- (which i.smenlhaoMANY01lf, volvcdirttehoolorpni:utionsand ERSCUIsay).At kas.t wcarc ll')'• maybeyouarcjcuoulbecauseyou i.tlJ to helpot:hm. haveno (ritllds? Also. let it be klM)WJI that� JI drives me cruy whtn · itoDot.t,usi1te 10 our new ine:m­ pooplomab__..,. ben. Then, is ..pllyskol abuse roritiu and fratctllitics. Unless i11volvodinootorpniurdoas.We you' re- in ooe. you have DO_. IdourICWmcmbcn ,etco know wtw wc arc aboul For insunce. mysorority hasdoftequilt a few differe n 1 coinmunity service

a� � :S!:.f.�":J:; n H �;ij;.: r-----------------, mapzi11e discus.sing lcgaliudon ,.... E4iior in ChieL ..- .. -· - ·-·-·--·-·-·-·-Mldlad J.Nuctt ::=:1;� �e: • � ::: ai ;!,!::.·:�:���:� : ::::�:�.�.':.'::::�::::::::::!�; :::e: i:�E�:?��� � �i:�:=�===:= = ���::::�::: on.lychangi11gil1opintonbecau:sc � £nt.enai Ed' .. ithasbcc:11bombardedbylcpliza- Copy &1'=.�.--::.::�=::::=·.�:.::�=:=�=··=��= tion l1tfomwioo-iain Wagain. �E�f:fa.:�f �������;���:�;-�;[� TowwerMcGill"Jlistorun, W ftN11)' Adv!JOf--,-·---M .._,_ .. o,.MlcbadNir,... a.n1wem:lqaes:tioos: == Contribuion:CatlBurte.JoclCouplla,MdodyAMOo6u. Q.Should alldrupbe lcplited? MichaelPuall.OePtacnoft.MiteParo.DamaC.Pope:, �=t eONSthMcankillpeopk. �Spri.,, Am ySllcm. • • �: i .::::!�oa:; 109Gu.1Ball A.orCOWK. Itwould be ,imilv UOOa......4.,. .. 1ou.ndcngedrir'1.in1laws. ..«.de.N,Y.lf.lD Q.Who will odl 1hcdNgs?

ptojccU this )'1:lt,fif'll. w< did "CaM(romFtns"••Bills'� ..tlicllwu--by 1hcS&l­ v.aiollNf'l1)'.Sccond.WCwerepart of ·Kids' Day... 1pons0tcd by Child"•'' Hospit•I. Third. we IWtcd•"Aoct·•thoD"•lhcGal· lcria�I to n.itemoney for the NatkloalKicloeyFoo,odal,oo.And youask, "What�WCdoinJ asl.n o,pniiatior17Lct'ssce:we.ecol· lcdi•1 food for theDCCdy, rawn1 mocie)' for Childttn's Ho' spital, � aad..sit11moMYforlb:Nlllioul

A. If pol were ktalludOfl))' lO culcivite .od 1101 (Of over-thc:­ couoter sales, then those who couldpow it.wouldtell itto those whocouldftOC. Q. Who i.s liable fot thecS.amaae cau,edbyc1N1 -1

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Orientation now mandatory, freshmen fee increased from $70 to $150 ra.n1:'e.

Man pronounced dead . at hospital after . collapsing on hospi�l lot baseball diamond

Houston Gym: Hot spot for thefts? Public safety recommends leaving valuables in vehicles or at home. ByClePutcnoo Btn,alNrwsSt�kt A.n.yone vsins lhe Burra10 (thcfl:s)wercponcd..i:t,oesdowrt asa crime... ..AsastudentscafJmember. I g,cnctallydco'theiraboutmenor any ocher iKidents uoulld the l)'ffl,..Suteraadded."'Ours«Wi1y is publle safety. We don't have KparalCiotc:maJICCUl'ity for thc gymother1hcllours; tafJ ... 'The.lockerroomsII thepm ha-A: sipsUW'"RishTheft NU ..MddlO$cwh:>dot10t take prec:autiOl'ISplace their vaJOlbks aaritk. Studeot suitmcmbc:npoiDt and lhcKow:aoCIGyll'll'IISiums&aff recommendsleaving valmhks in vebidcsor..home. IfpcoplcdklOSe IO bring valwibks 10die&)'m.they shou.ldloc:k.thcmifta) HOUSIOGGympolicystates it is 001rc:spc)ftRblc: rorlost oru1> kolu:ms. AD-Hoc committee discusses '!'= · · ways to prevent auto theft Commiltee su,:,:ests those a,:cused ofcommitting cartheft or vand4/is� be deallwilh strongly By MdodyAmGooa Btn,a/N,wjStf'Viu Bu: ffUOStalCColkaeaailOS) ......tatlcrd>e lc:rtand lhcy to djrcclly to f\Jblk S:i.rc�y andn:pon. ii. Most ot the lime.peoplehave leftI.he iccmsat home:orin I.heir vehicles. "Moslorwhathaippen$. to rqy tftOW'ledgc.isthalpc:op1eusinslhc gym m.ispllc:c thinprather than lose them...Aid£ric:Sutera.a SW· de1u starr member. "81.11 ortcc out thatthegymabohaalostand foond we&.whichstudcotsshould checkbefore tilins •reportwith publicsafety. BSC Student Dominique Bouilloa esprcssedcoofideoec in theHOUSIOl'ICiym. "'I have neva hadaptOblem althel)'m."BouillOCIsaid.'"I think. it is aAlepbccOWr&II."' ThePublic Safetydcpe,unc,il

I.heJ\lfl. I. male SIIMJcDt itakdhe found it in thestairusc andplaced it in his mailbo1untilhecouldn1> tifyaulhoritid.. l/1198 Off'"tcer Hooky responded to a re­ port of unknown indivictuals 1hrowin1paint balls from the 3rd noororNeumann Hall. 1hc sus­ pects weregoneonImval S/1J98 Offieer t.1Force respo:nded to NorthWit1g onanMIOC'l�Sre� porclhaa1makscl.llbtk:ftllldhld nocmumcd.Theroomma1c.stated dieitudentsomelimelkavacam­ pus on wochnds.TheJU> swat ..would-1periodk:ally...... SUIW:SofthestlMknL A female ShMkl'II� to Of. ' r.cer Shaver thai perso�s) un· knownbroke1 cloc.k.mdminorin lheSc:iebCCBldg. Eatim ..cddam· $C*1lt's room.The chair was re­ l\lfflCd 10 lbc loungeMd the SI> dent ttfcmd 10 Stvde111Jodicial. SIS/91 A female swdcntrcporlcd to Of . ficcrR.o.istm.ant11hMpcno(l(s) u11know11 uolod:cd her door ie Poc'tcr Hal1and k:ft it unlocbd. N(llhi"&�. io�·..Jul.g.. 611:l/98 Off'"ntO.Otristman�IO •n:pon.orsmoke i1:1 tht'basicincnt ol Tower2. After a shof1 search. lhe SOUIQC cooIdnotbe:k:caoodand Buffalo Fire wu cOnll('ted. A dryer motori.s bckivcd 10 be the cauk-,Idwillbe cbected�, by mainccNnOC. &14198 ·r A tui driver reported 10 Off.«:( Moreland llwImalepwhim$2 ooa.S27farca.ndlhmrPt.htcugh campus. Thesuspcc1was loca&td andplaccdw,cJe,..,.... HcaJll,,llelalHlnddiots S/4193 A lemak!.Wdcn11q)0<1

andwcck«ld-oalysaudentswill11· �aS:30 lO 8p.m.proptmAu· pstS (o,aSIOfec..Abou.t,Ostu· dcnu arc expected lO MICM� p,o sn m. A .eries of Ille Augusapro, grams will be offmd to all sau• dentswho ffUssed 1he cattier ses­ sions.Oatesandpricesare tlOlyet fin�liud for this series of pro­ gnms . DeWtnd Midshe isuying to obtainmoney to provideKholar· ships forccooocnicaJly diudvan,. tatedswdenuwhodoOOlqlWify forenoughaid 10 covercheorie,._ wionfce. For infomwiffl. c:all &heOf· ficeofNewSwde,uPropvnsand A"6emic Adviseme•t 11 818· S336. USG Summer budget passed ByMlcbMlhl... Bt11galNttdStrviu On.May S,TheUnited Sb.I· deriu Ciovcmment ulWlilnOl&lly pwoda $10.000summubudgel wtuc:h includedn.soo fottheStu• dclltUnion8<*'d.Sl.000 forW RtcordMd $1,000 each (or die Non-n . ditional$wdtt1tsOrpn,i• · Uliooudcho>Africu,.Amcrieu Siudcftu<>rp,,w&loo. "'USOf«lhcAnt time ia hb­ f.(11')' isaubnlilli•aa111t1UnC1tNd­ rt•._ S:....-,'"u.dUSOfrw:id­ deot Sllcrilloc H........,.befot0 ....prq,oaaJ roccl..d- awovaJof . d,eScaalc......,.... -.,,orc1,e2111USOJctj.i.. .... __ .,.....,.. _., ____ .. d,e5caalc-dloyha..... __..,.....1-uso·, USO�had-1 M')'loosubonilabedl"-. ,,,.,...... ___ Bull'oloS-Cdlep-... rollodlo____ aflal$UO_,,_... drilyret..'lbceo&at.....-tobe cotloclodn.....-a1$ tn'SO,,_.. .......Hill nid •ilnply, -we Modmore." NTSO a.ubmiuodaroq,tNSt for $10.IOOold,e$10.000availal>lo IOallUSO.....-. Alsorccciviq.....«r-6- ia,: •M•'•udw.....,,a., --- -c-w�-- •WIIHY-$1N. TheConunuw�il � dcnieda tall�-die �wasubmitlCld&ale. Com· mu.u:rc.oncil'• summer rcqutSI WUhMldcd inODtime. USGTru,un,rMwlooRDl>­ ms aid dccidi.n.a which rcqucsu 10 f\lncJ WISdifficult (or thebud�I MdflnuccCOC'M\iUee. Tbe following cqaniuiliom were t1.1med down Cot summer buda.u: lhcBSCCluldcaroC.n.. Ju, Ait&Wu&eM.ana,e,ncnt /\J,oewlceOuband ....- TtchnoJoayS1Udco1/\UOCitJo,>.

choiceor1wotwly propam.s.The lirRlhme-d1yproa,amwillbeof• Cued from 7:30un. Jvnc30, to 4:10 p.m. 2.The$C1Cond� cram will runfrom7: 30im. Ju�y 7. to 4:30 p.mJuly9. TheSISOorien.tationfeepays fora roomfor t",Ill infonnat ionpeckdMd1c1.ivitics. Thefeealso subsidiusother proSJ'Vl'SNnbyhOtriotofNew SludeMProplm$ and Academic AdvisetncD'- Anotherl.hte,e.-d.ay (reshtncl'I program winbeoff'm:da.ctheend orAupst. Thispropwnwill fllO( offerrooms tothoseMknding and the rce will beadjt,1$1.cdaccord­ ThefeehasDOCbcC1lsetyet. but it i$ likely to be in theS7S

1orof new stlldent programs and 1cadc:mic adYi.s.cmc11t. uid the higher frcshtne11 propm fee is ju.stifiablc because it i11c:l11du JtW:nmealsudmanymore1ct1. , ;. ,;es t.hal wc,c nOl i.bthldc:d in the - Newm.atrieulatcd frcshme,i, and cvcnifltfweckc!Mt su1,clcnlS willnolbe able 10rea,is• 1et uakss they ancnd M arient.arlonprogramwhich in-. dudesbuic skills ICSU..e;rplana­ UOMofcollegepolicies..cadcmic *'vise�tandOCher"acciviticl, Orienwion will also include social activities including: con• oms.movies. acamival t1ighl Ind mo,e. The frcshinen were e,ivc.n a

By Mkudhluch B�nt;alNew,Suvkt Atte:nd i n.g UI aric:ntati(ln� s,amisnowmandaLOr}'forall,w;w mMritulalCdBuffaloSwtColkge si'1dcntsInd�rcewillfflOfCdwl double Co, freshmen. This policy change was an.• DOUnccdbySSCPresidentMurid Moena1 ameeting°"MayS. Now thltlhcpcogrvni.sflWI· datory, scudenlS may qllllify fo, l'inancW aidPllf(lf loans to covu lhc:coscororicntatJl)A. Noudwas 1vait.abkin thcpa.1tbecau.sclhe The freshmenomntalion fee will inc:rc.ase fromS1010SISO. Elkn DeWind. inlerim d i rec · .

Offiter Hooleyre$pOfldc:d lO a n:· poreo(•molorvc.hic:le:1Ceidt:Mio LoeF. lnform.ationwuuchangc,d. No injuriesweret'tpO(\Cd. SI S/98 AmaleSIUdcnt ttpo,tt.d toOff'icc:r R. Chrisunan.n lhalpctSOft(s) un­ known stole tus vdlickfrom Loe ,C.Thewhidc was lo..atcd in the same lot. Theownerwunotified. 6114198 AmaleSludctlln:portcdlOOff'icc:r Shaver dw pc.rsob(s) unknown dafflatcdthe lockMdstcerinscol• umn. OCI his vehidc while it was puked in Loe L Esti.lNlllcd dam· ,...,s,so. Omcer rupoodcd toachemicalspill in&hcTowerLot. Sl4198

A ma.nd,tory one--day pro,. CDffl for new matricul.akidlrlnS­ feruudeflts will costSlO. ' is a Rldixtion orSIS from theSlS theIZVISfetprosrmncost in.1997. �unsfc.r pt>og:ram runs Crom7:30Lffl, to 3p.m. oa:May 21,June�faM 13udAuJ.6. Rose M.atie Senker, office nwuprornew51:Uden.tprocrams andltldctnicadviKSl'lefttsaidme upccts 1 10Wor 1,400 rrcshmea and,1,000tr111Sferscudetlu IO al• i.cDd Mentation propwns. Hi.., torka,tly,abc:MA70to 80�tof incomingswde:nuhave 1uendcd the v0Ju.n11ry orientation pro• gn ms. New maukulatcd evening

1•0 , \l' u , o, ,, ,�


A fcmak s.1udc:t11 ttponed 10 or . ricer Hooley th.It person(s) un• knownrffllOvcdherbook.bis'°"' x.lbook., class p-ojc,ct and folden from 1he Student Union.Estimltedvalue: $ISO. S/4198 A female ,utdcnt 10 Of. fllOCl'Shl'vcrthalherWIIIChwas�1> len fromha'dorm room inTower 2. 1;$ value:SIOO. SIS/91 Ama.Jcemployee rcponed lO or� fteet D.Chri$ltl'Wln thatpcnon(s) unknown removed a compulc.r from theSc:k:nceBklg. ESlimaccd vi.luc:Sl.880. SIS/91 A female employee reported to OfrKtt Hooley 1.1w an uDkllOWn male entered an off.u in Chuc Hallandremoveda �tbook from a bookshelf. When quc.s1ioned about thebook. thesuspe,eckftthe building•..A search of the area pnwedneptivc.Estirrwtd value: $65. Offiocr Shiver reponcd that an aASWerlns machit1e owned by 1 C' H�I.Estl"'*CIvalue:S,O, 6112198 A female SlliMk:Cd rcpor1cd to or� ficcr Urbatlski thalpct$(lC'{S) 111'>­ k:nownruoovO

Upon arrival, it was deeermiMd . a g e: S I IO • llwa pllooolacidfdloff ashelf ina vaobeingopcnilCdon. the 198 S/3198 ExpttSSW1y.Thedriverexited lhe Ofl'tecrBusu,Jia. whilequcstiofl­ uprcs.sway and patted inLot R. il'\g I maJc: ituck.nt abouit another BuffaloF' llClapondodalOClgwith nuara,observedachait bc. loogi:ng EHSandI.he11:idWISncutraliud. to the Peny Hall loonge in the SIS/98 Ofliter D. Christman.", while on routine patrol in dieEast Upeon Loi. observeda vehiele J*ud U, kplly.Summomwere issueda,w:1 the whide towed.



A female stt.tdent ttponed to Of, 'f�J:J�.,::SC:: ( :� n ; i�!r k. Clubu11,1111a -��� locker in the HOUSIOfl Ciym Md rOIJti.DCpatrol.ob$erw,da \'Chick JCff\OVed a swimsuil. 2 pairs of pass through a red tip, on Cir2M s.horts, swim c1p, JOJIICS a.od St. Funhct inYC:stiption rc'o'Ca.lcd shampoo, clc, Esdmatcd value: tlw lhe vchidcw,as ui:nJislcn:d $140. &"6 uniftSAlttd. Thtcc summoM

O s--&ssum I: MAJ 18 • J.tme 26 SwmmerSasl,,n11: J..-2!)-�7

You couldlaze around for the ncn fewweeks, or you could ma.kc summer brcaltworic for you byearning credits toward yourdcgrcc . You canchoosefrom among awideselection ofcourxs, including... o Eanenwy IcaliaoandSpanish o Omftia& c.n... in me MiddleEast 0Biomc:dialEtbia OS� 0PrincipiaofMmaing OBiology . 0Amaic:anF.mnicl..itenture Oa.animy OSarimcs �Elearicity,Magnetism, & me PhysicsofLigbt for information: (716)389-205 , t::J Vwt our _ wcbs1tc for afull lisnng ofSummerSession courxs: - CUd,1111.k""-io,nu/ fook for1Mfoul,;,, & S..-Sasi4tuLiMf And that's onlypartofthe list! Registration?&lsy. Class Houis? �pus? One o f tbe nicestaround. Conventenl. Tuition? " A ff ordable. Our Call ourOffi�c . o : �ntin � gEducati � n .

were iuuod. �I� on rou1fbe p11rol on ElmwoodAvenue.Off.ecr8rlfflCf SU\llekanother'lt.hiclecausin,gmi­ nor� 10 the pauol vchiek. No injuries�rettpentd. 6/91911 Ofr,ocr Urbam.k.i, •·tulcOCIa rou­ tir,euatr.csaoponLd(hw«thand Recs, dcienniDCd J,hal lhc driwr hadaft0'1tmndinJ Wanltll ftoffl BuffaloPolKle0q,c. He:was.lnM­ poned 10 C.niral Bcol

the icw; in theftandvancblism by looking •prcwtlliorl. lawen­ forcement and puoishmeoc, · said USOSeaTodd HiJJaWI. Aci ad·boc. anli-vaDd.alism llld1hc.ftccmmincccrclledcarSiet thisspring,,q,ortcditsfiodi:n.p10 the United SNdcnts;�nL Hillmaochairedthecommiuee. Pllblic s.aruy L1. Peter M. Careychnc•critcdpeoplewho commit\IUdalhm and theft '* -� "'A IOI of the niJhttimc: ca, tbefVvaodaUscn i.s students and theirpesawlloarcon lbcir way badil- lhcban."be...S.-n,. $tUdeMs.. ufomaukJy, WC iD U iDll)J.icMcd«IIKlitioa.Tiliedly,illnC eardw:fts-Scriauulaaisc:bief'is ouaidcpcq,le_...._ UIOstleal iacms rromCWL "' ,,,._Ml,aao,d... i�ofdldt....._do, vioc:s.sCIChua silllpCSIOCri•a ..atoctor•�allrm .,....•..,­ Clelhlo•mmllldleii,""... -iocrimiaah. Prcvealio• cosu mooey, ltil.....Mid.ffowe'm', dlcR1ft waysIO-,-dwl\II90COIi. S-19'<.•-• , '!,lloo-

wicliog.....,., i"' .._ c:ommoo, well•lil art:U. whi(b wo1,ddblveocrap,iblicsafctypro, tectioo. The-wouldalsohave videos;wveiltucecmnenP"O'«'­ lioo. ,,,..........,. .. ........., !.""--of-.. a Cit theftOfv...aiRD� pu,$houldbe___.,_ -wi.c.pcq,1e..-olcrinaiulmisc:hwillpriva&. ii douo'I have lk effect oa tbc wbolcaoc:kty... it would if .. UIDC$were,pablidted. ..Hillma - Hi.._aidUSO-ca- _Jo.,.-... polllicilyo,­,IW................ --- __,c..,_..w .., ........ --..... ..-_,......,..._ i,,c1,era1o11""

-- 4/1- 0ff'tccrUtblaakittponcddYII• airpiseolWM foud iaa lMilboa __2.____

USG concludes the 1997-1998 session P,,sidentHumphfY1andffcePruuhnJ Waller r,c,iv< cemfeal«ofappredatwnfrom PNblkSafety �first timePublicSafctyudlhc BtttldlNews � rvlu USOSea:Mchavewoct.c:dIOSdbct- 'TheUniltdStudc11lSCovcm� WaJk�inocionedfortheSen· a te t0cttMe •resolutiOfl IOcon• linuewilh the li.aison. Humphrey,avesenatoBChe

Ma·rriott Menus, which will Includepizza; botmines; vegetarian selectionsand wellnessselecdons, are being developed andwillbeready for the fall right now thMwewillbeoffcrina i" the ra11 is thc run et1uec line; Buersaid. DSCltUdcMDvrcnC.Pope saidheisimprc:;sscdwitbthcpricc- --------- dltrercftCebc- Soduho Marriott be Arl.ffilf't? rrom "'Marriottwillbebn1tJin1the c.o-...--,

Bookstore: Amendment pi:otecting FSA rejected by Barnes and Noble Both FSA and Barnes & Noble plans includes a cafe C.O.dooedfromJlll&e1 ' wwin.g to look1111.c "idiou. .. tt.- cosa."saidFSAh.ecutivcd i rector "ff this happtms ::z ��':'��:!'!; students and � u ��=: i :»c:=;� � faculty will have .... gh,c!urinsallmodol

Promotional material for debit card confuses students The campus discount cardis not yaJidas college student identification By JasicaScott &,uarN�11>·$&rvi« High Khool atidco&ks� stu· theVi«PresidentorFi1W1Ceand M.1111.gc-tnefltIIBufflloSUtcCol· kgeB�Meyu. The Naiic>IW Associat i on or promises." Universily S11Jdc:n1 Services Inc,hascomeuMCr(j� ror !he i

GaryVick.en.'"TheooUegemake$ somew:ry Mnl.lOCI$c.onunission claimsandutilitypaymentrequire,. ........ 1beBarnes& Noble bid tt.­ quircs thecolkgeusumeanybad debt. PIJ!Kh said. Cwrcntly, bid debu.,.obsort>cdb)'rheFSAcol­ kc:cstorc. Bame, & Noble will use $309,000,w1uch-promisedIO thecolkCC.robuycquipmenLFSA bas saidthey will no1lwldover anyor itsequipment 10Ba.mes& ,t Nobk iNis1cdon WltlgoverallFSA"scquipmcn(fc. free.,Vdtnsaid. '-wboW()UJddo that?Barnes&Noblewouldn'tdo thaLFSAbn'11(111'Jtosay "Ohby guysarc ta.kingover. bere·.slllou,stuff.'ItwuinBarnt$ .tN-'fttSpOCISCIOlhcpn>posal (RFP)andtheeollegeacc:eptcdiL .,<>ffcffil SI million tows.rd theconiswctiono( a new t,ootsaore. Barnt$& Noble only otre:red$300,(X)O.Vickerssaidthis l'IISkft theFSAf«Jll'lssomewhat bafflcd. lbediffcrmccisSl.4mil­ liorloncema1Cbingswe (1,11'11karc added "Wefed thatweconlribuled asnwc:hrirwda!lyasanyoutside C!Offll*IY,andthat'swhywe'tc19"" pc:alSQJ...V,ckcnsaid."'WeauaS themU'thc:ytn,cwbowrnucbitwill c0$lfor them(Barnes& Noble)to bnnslaMWstu:ff"andallo,asi,cS. dco(lbey)dall"tblwamilliondoJ.. tanto,q,bceall thecquipmenland 1hc:n (lhey) won't hive a new .. _. FSAbl;wdmcmbctDam:nC. Pog,,c-kooodlhclogicbd\lnd """"'""· "fdon'tiU:llf)'rc:as«lwhyWC can'I provide a better bookstoRI thinBarnes a: Noble."Popesaid. "'Wherelsthis betterbootstCft?" FSA'•planfor thenewbook- 5t0rc aJ,o i.CKll.ldcd. 2.(l(N) SQIW'C rm forsevenJofr,ccsfor� lifeusecocampus. Both the FSA and Dames& Nobleplan includeda.clfc. Paluchsaidhebelieves if the FSA·,appealfails. i icould bedev­ asutins totheBSCcommunily. "lflhl,--�and racu.1,y will have noCOftU'OIova sc:rviocs,.priec:s..houn «wases,." h

r advenisemcnts. Micks hive ap­ peared i" USAToday a,-6 o,i i" web paie (or higher edv,cation w,minc s1ude11u or this cud. Siiicc 1hct1, the compuy has po:s4cdat1e-mail tocollege cam­ puses statin.g I.hit �purpose ol their Clfd is ror use as an A™ c>nl. Some parents hive called Buffalo Staie inquiria.J about lhe cud. -we hid0111e parentcall Jase week andask i( oure&ml)l*SU$CS Stanley Kardonsty, Vice PrcsidelltrorFinanceltldM,m,ge.­ mot r«cr11ly sent a memo to members o(theBSC commu n i1y in(orminglhcmord,cdiscrcpancy. Thememo1tres$CSUWlhecwd is •scpnle,off-campucardwilhno f'daliONhip 10&ft)' , Cltnp!,ll card pro,:nmandlJnotn:q11iRdt,yany collcseOtimivctsity.

College A1,11iliary Services a!MS Othergroupshaveissueddi1elaim­ cn siatins Iha,. lhecard in quc:;$· tion has Mi affili1ttOn with d1e lhouSIJldJorcamc,useatdsissued toscudenubytheircollc:Jtoruni­ versity. While studcnu can have lhc nameofthcircollcgeoru.nivcssity printedon the fro111of the catd, ""lhiscardcanftOIbemedasanID," Meyersaid."'SonoUlllflUS isCl'l· dors i n, it.:' 1bc card unnoc be used in plxeofanoffid� BuffaloSwc CollegeSUNYC-ardstudentidea· tiftcalion card. which i s given t0 siudcntsandsutrforf,e,e.

dcnl.S bcwan:! hseems that the Unh"Cf'Sity Su»ent Services. lnc. is(alsiclypromotift.S identificat i on onddisicounUoacollc:g,cgmpuSCS withthepurthasc·oflheircampus -· ThecompanyLS�tinghigh Khoo&SCl'tiorsaround theCOUl'IU)', Pattntsortheseniorsarc�iv• ing a ktlupromoung a"am.pus card." The card hu • one•time depositfccorruandcanbeused i.n any ATM machine as • bank Qrd.Thccompa,iyisuy i ngtoset up1CC01.1ntsforallstudcnts, likca debitc:ardS)'Sltm. The Univer1ity Su»ent S'ct· vioc:a. Inc:. ispromot.ins chis card asad i SCOllnttool andan tdc:ritin. cationCltd forU$COfteoUegecam• -� 1bcadmtisemcnl iDdica1cs scardcanbe usedon aft)' ca.mpus. .. wetSeniorAssisu.nt to

mcflt he.Id its I� mcctina ordie 199'7·1998schoOIyearonM1y S. USG Presfdcot Sbcrirfee H�mphrcycommendedtheScnuc rorICClOmplishing the goals lhcy hadsetforlhcm.sclvcs. "'I( &here is oocpcl'SOIII here who says we hlvcn't done: any· 1htng. wcU.•.we have done a let."' hesaid."£vcryonehc:tchad50fflC, . thingspecial toadd." Humphrey said Oe,c.e.mbcr gradUlboo,aHalloweeapanyaa, tendedby over 2,I00 �udctlu. a s�ulrcfcttndoo,andlhccre,­ atio• or a studeat orgaisit.ation hlndbook were amons USG's 1ehievemcocs. . . We've had our ups -and downs.butinlhcend"mnaincd IOCOUntablc to lhcSludc.ftt body," he sold. Humplltcy and USG E1.ccu­ tive Vice Prcsidect Tunish,a W.


t W e e n Aramark and S o d e a. h o - ·1 had a chce.K.bur• ....i;uml'q,sl said. "'That probablycost sbbucks lut SttlltSICr. 1be

opportunkytosayafewwords°" theirCJli�ricnccwilh USC over lhepa.11yea,. USC n.a.wu Mulon Rol>­ msftOtedlhalthcbudactcommh.· teewas able to,ubmh asummer bucfgcL "This is the first lime I.hata summc:rbudaetwillbebrought ia frontoflhcSen.aic(cr� . .. hesaid. "'We'remakicghistoryasaJ. ways." Humphreyresponded. Walker said workina with USO dus yurhas givca her lhc opponunityto lcamandpow. "'I lcamcdalot,"'shesald."It causedme toworta liulcharder justtotccptwoseepsaheadoryou (tho....le)g,17!,"

no CODtfOl OVer b

thcclll10ffltt," Oistricl Man­ ager or vices at BSC. w1lk into get piu:a. you

You'll get pizza hot and fresh right out or the oven versus something coming from in back." BillRokltfo,d.Diarid tt/SodaAo """""'S,tn,i,cu

Vkter.s dbc1cd abook howevu, he usedboob tS Ii ..We have

1d the FSA con­ ybac.k in May, id the supply or

Pttriulllo/lMFoc�lll A.sf.orddo•llidtat.l J. P.Z.Ch Paf1Kh claimed pro1'lu from thebootstorewouklleavethecam­ pus if Dames & Noble were awtrdicd lhccontnCL "'Ncvc:rbcforehas111Auililcy s...;... c""""'"°" p,rtlclp,«d in competitive b i ddinJ IO be lhc wiMCrorIIIRFPputoutby(1bc) coUc-p,'"Pllvch.said. hl!Xhclaims lhcprocess it· sdf (RFP) was implemented in SIKhIway Iha! theClfflPUScom­ ml,IIUty wunocable- to react to it until1twasa"doftcde». .. "Collcs,cadmil'li.slRIOrSissucd Lhc R.FPduring sprins break," Paluch said. '"The ev1lu11ion COffll'fllitltCC1S,ccommcndaaioftWIS iswc:dduring liul cumsW lhc l/'lftOCll'ICCmtal of the bid WIS is­ suedthed&yanc.-e:umweek. .. Popesaidbebelieves it'san adm.iflis1ntivc pc,ww;t issue. 'jbe�W"'1$U __..rbcy...z<1"" 11,ls isjustdwitfint ateponaread 10 inereuing p0wcr over this ClffiP'JSandOfflsilldffltsandfK• 1,1lty."' he said. '1bis is really sad thac this is the di�tioa they've VJC'kc:ruaidlhcJuly ld:ucfor the�ful biddcttoWeover 1hcboobeorcopcnt.iondidnotaivc cooushlimeIOmikeamngemmu for lhcsummer and fallbook«· den. OnApril6, VtekfflKolIkl• tcrtocolkicldmin.iscmcwsastln.g forlhciruswanocwithrcprdsto lhc:boOtbuyoi,tprocC$S.


usedboob, but not as many as have bc«usc if we don't order them by now. tbey arc sooc,"' V'ackttss:aid.'"'Tbebootstotc:.10a cmaine.atenr..wupftVCftccdrrom buyingusedboobbceause:lhcttis afilW'ltialmtIObuyingboobINI cao· t be50kt... Poguosoldh<-.'tlhwolh< awng.cstudctltis Coiflg tobe IOO happy about the short supply or usalboo!

r"!i�B am

will wa1ch it 1oppcdrighlinrrontofyou.. hwill be tuft lhrough ID OVCII, C!,11 and Kt OUL YOl.l'LI hoc ud r�ri&hl cuo(theowe versus somelhiascomingfrom inback." Sodc.1hoMuriouhashireda healcheffromlhcQdirwylMli• t1,1tc orAmerica. And Rotchford said 1hcy would employ cooks lnin,cd ift '"jusi in time:"cooking - "'You"II JCImore· iudservice,"hesaid'"Notsome mysterymc.:atcookedsomewhere dseandbroupoutin.afour•tldl deeppaAwhichyouhave10ladle l.hrouJhtoIi.Del OtJlwhll itis.- Bak,,saidlhcfoodscr,odat SSC isnot im.titutioclal (oodbuc nr.htrfoodservedtoui-'tudoft. "'WetreeoiaJIOputiadividtJ.. alisticthemes ll!IIOthat romula." he said adding I.bat swdcn&s will ..aually Sttapcf'SOflcwutins in• dividlnJd3$hes. Menu.s.. which will i11Cluck pW,1;hotHtrCCS; vegellf"bnSC• lea.ions Mid wc11MSSsckctions.. arc bciQg dc,·elopcdMdwill be: readyrorthe f.ill.Roechfordsaid. vcscwwiroodswi11 be:available •all meal$Wiocu.'ttgan foods w;ubea\·aibbkacsome-meal.s1atiocu. t 's mc:01,1 irKludcs a salad bat. cm> u,dp)(JX'l'IClcag

foodmiesbcuetwhenyou'renoc payingatonofmoney." BakttAid lhc Bcnp) Plus Plu, whicha.bouldprcwepopubt, is a.five-mealplan"4'PkmcD11Cd with SSOO i n dcclin. i ng baJarKC dollars. Students we sUll'NIUICd rrvcdinncneachwcckltsougl)ot.ll thescmcstffacMootH:IJIMdan u.scthe s.soo'" dccli.ndlsbllulcc Maoydioi11glocalioeOIiClllllpus. Othefmealplatl$ ioeludc lhc Bc,,pl Debi• PIIA. which otrcn students $9$0indcclifl.incbllaDce MdOMlnica wouldwort. i.Rc:onccttwilbGary Vactcn&RdUteF�llll ARocilboo. "'lampleasedwiththetnoJi.. tion....saidFSAcaccutivcdlreaor Gacy -Vickffl.""Whal l wast110$1 COIICCmcdwithWISchatAnma,t would kavc ltldMarrioCtwould come ia aod the c1mpu.swould not.icelNllhc:reisno(oodscrvioe. but icwortedout very-.wll" Victcrs DOI.Cd Marriott h;as already c-uercd a t1um"'bci o(functions at BSC in• dudiaa.,.:1...-t0n. E1.ccpt for ma111gemcot. Manion has hired all former Annw1t

th11 lh i "When you read the Jetter it seemslikeagooddealforstudems wboftcoUepbound,"AxSMikt Ruppert. a West Scnco High School Senior. "'bl.rtlhcy"re• c:1llysuckeringpcopkinwilhraise --------------------------- 1 �Jkcrrtttivcdccruracuor1p­ prc.,ci:ationror theireffOfU in hetp- Watts tries to inspire students as faculty once hipired him inJ tOestabl i shaliai50n wilh the hblicSafetydcpwtmcnt. Public ufcty Lt. Peter M. Careysaid he hasbeen w i th the coUcie for IIyc.arsand this wu

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Proudest accomplishments includegetting his master's degree; being aPf!_Sitive role model/or hisdaughter BySlepb.uicMcClain sl.NCIOI. cicmcdabou t ima,c-.ftOIi11teJrity.'" R�eprdConsribfiUH "He WU a very . KriOl.lS SIU• Wutssaidhellsotau,:hll�· cknt. � �wouldrully f ocusonall ginnin11dcmionprocluaioadw Bradford Wa.115. abroadcast thema�ints. Kcwortedhard asanadjullCI inswccorac BSC. ::::·! � n ;:::Jm� s = �CS::f(:: a :::i�:c::.�� and:::::.=� or .:'"�; mcmbaachisllmam:atcrandsaid AIU$C$\thc importanceorlhc ha- domore,'"heAid. hi.srnori1epartabout leehi111 is si.cs asan i�aswell. Afta a ycvorjuulias lhck working wilh the (11Cuhy. '!"ho JR 1991,Wall$ rcocivt.d his twojobs.BSC offcrcdhln uMI· helpedinspi:rehim tocontinuehis bchdor'sdcc,tt inIMoadcastin.g. llmc facv.lty posiUoa.hesaid. He education. Hes.aid hcco,icinucd1t8SCinlhc lh,ou,okthcjobuanopportunily ·1getto lookcyc-,IOelld- mo,,cy-«icoled.bui the)' have 10 1.,_.. $1.iMve dw way,'" he s.aid. ..IJ.'s The wildlife uges in the us.,uusiUoa fromswdc:Rtcoin· Ot1ly 0 i11f0Wnmccat. • They'reCOO• �::s:-=:=: forthefallsc�cr. theory � u-. n�-.u Chaonc.17.�be�ccdocher , "h'• lbemost�timeof 1bcyca,for1,11.-waaicL"'We:do,i"t by the ud kocwt wan&cd tobeinbtoldcut· Dewald said Watts mldc:1n of my junior ycu, I probkmswithlhcmcd1L ui intern a tWT"BS tckvision, SIi· ,;oo;aoc1;.,..i..po,;u..."1>;,:h ledhimback1081,1ffa.lo in 1988. Ourins lhll summer. Watts saidhecook.TomMcCray"sspccch Waus crcdilS Paul Oew1ld widlguidi.1tJhis interat1l0Wards broadculinc. rcprucnwionormiMWitics. i lied'"'T'hc- EmpoWffll'lc.nt ofAf· rican:Amc:rican.stooruteapower BySet........,McClal• ba'se o( more- positive imigcs lk11 P1 Ntt, �rvle� H• bascd h;, masler"alhc,is, l clas:1Pddccidcd1ocntolla1BSC wi1hi11 ihc Buffalo commu11ity throughttkvi.siOfl..onthischeory.

Aca.demic Affairs Office reorganized 1wo Internalpositionsare a-.ailaJ,le--a,ioclaJe vieepresidentforacademic eduunon anda.uis. • tanl vieepresidenl/or academic sup-

BySallnuWilllams Btlf.plHtWIStfvtu

"'The i adividuJ hnd for lhc ca.ttmal positioCI: willhaDdlcad,, missionudli.lWICWaidforau­ denu. registration udrctcotion pII· me n tman.agcmcntpoaition.but.a doctorl&e i.spreferred...Quatrochc s.ud...Andforlhctwo inurnal� ,itiom.adoctorate isrupittd . .. Quaarochc said he wantsto havediednepoaitions.lilkdbe· fore the ne•l academic school ye11. '"Whomever is hirod forthein­ lcrnal positions will bc1i11 wed· ina ift J1,1nc.,"Quauochcsaid. "'The- indivtdul.l hired (er lhc cs1crn1I posti1tg .sho1,1ld begin sometime In.August."

TheAclde.micAffairsdcpan· fflCftl if under&Oins a MW but Medc:dR1C011swcdon,accordin.s IO0,-,1boma,J,Quauod,o, p,o­ vosl and vice pruidcnt for 11Ca• dcmk&11\ip. Thedepmmcntprucn.tly has cwoin.tcmalpositionsavailable- usoci11e vice presidentrorIC.I.• demicc6ucltionandassist.lfttvice prcsidctit(o,.cadcmic:supportStt· ·- These , twoposicio n sareopen toeurreMBSCemployeesonly. Athird position,associatevice prc:sidcfttforenrollmentmanage­ men.1. isopcll 10bothcollege em· ploy«sltldcancUdalcsfrom out· sidelhccollege. 1bc� (orpossiblecan• did.alesi.sgoingon as �speak." Q\l .....heAid, 111(.n.tioll. or oq,haned whoMed IO be taken careof, tbc uid. Many times, theeagadon"t need '° beI.hatcrowded. ..AlOIoftimes.people.bnn1us animall wilh n.odii:n,wroo.,. We dorl'I mitld, cACc:pe we doll'c hive enouaft 1pec:c 10h!M;atelhean.ifflll1 whodooced�iwion."lhculcS. M� of'lt.caoimal1 tiJliq dw ca,cs1rc�in!111tblrdl.,.. bilsmdiqu1ndl. '"We 1pproed1te the conec... �lhow, bul llwo.kl bc� 1(lhcycallMdsptakwich •wUd.lifc rchll>iLitMOr bc:(Cftbn.,s., 1, la." ........

Vacters � 10 ldminist:ration. "Jbtpropo,odbuyo<>Ipt0CCUu,d rcla&cdpaymc:nlsebcduleou:tJiftOd in theRFP(•hkhdocsnotg,Ar• anieeFSArv.11mtitutioa)renders themlptudcoltbisiavestmcftlin inm110ryf1$1C&Jtyill'lpl'Udcftl. "' Colkse adfDioistnlOfJ, flOl • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • IMIUl:alWICING • ----- -!!!I --·· 41DU. • • :(:..:=."':':"-,•: .. ........... . ... .. ·---a....-- ....-.---·-- • • • • • • • • • • • . •

ANNOUNCEMENT: Tax-free Textbooks Now Available for Buffalo State Students Undera new lawthattookeffect onJune I, 1998. stu­ denlS will no longer have lopaysales tu fortheir · c:oorse­ reblodk:xtboob.Sectioo IIIS(a)(34)wuaddedtotheNew Yori< S1JteTa,.Law to exemplfromsalesand ­ lion • StudenlS canoblain !heir iextboolts. tu-free, from Ibo CampusSIO

Baby season breeds too much business for SPCA

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