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TrackandField Women set school records in Hartwick DyCarlDu§.hannon .!!}!lci�! t .!!�l!!�fS �'!.�f.�!!o£��!'( performance in hurdles S/>ul't.f Editor co the ch3llcngc . " the 3.000 meter steeple- In other women's events. ch:asc( 10:20.K mmutcs) :11 the "11\c Buffalo Srn1e Collc�c �· 1oorc finished fifth in the StatcUnivcrsity o(NcwYork Athmcn's and women's 1r:1ck and women·� triple jump wnh :i d1�- lctk Conference championships. field h;.oun cornpcl<.-d at the New York St,uc Collct•atc Tral'k Ch:1mp1onsh1plas.1 weekend . On the women's side of the ticld.1hc B,:nfal�set three �·hool recnfd:-. Shannon H3ye� hrokc the �chool record in the 400 meter hurdleswitho time of I : 05 . 18SCC · onds. TI1e women's 4x400 meter relay team. consisting of Tasc� Moore. Danielle Hensel. Cheryl Mit


Buffalo State College Sailing and Scuba Club The sailing and scuba club is holding scuba certification classes over the summer. I When: Starting May 16 on Sundays 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Starting June S on Saturdays 9:30 a.m.-1:30 Both classes run for six weeks You must sign up one week in advance I Where: Kissinger Pool in Houston Gym I How much: 179$ 1 Info: Call PT Breeze Dive Shop@ 549-1824 I The club will also sponsor a 2 hour sail and BBQ from 6- 8 p.m. each Saturday at the small boat harbor, starting on May 29. Admission is 15$. Call the Main Foundation at 885-6936 for more information. =========================

The Buffalo State sailingand Scuba dub will olfuscuba certification classesonr the summer months. The club was formed to provide maritime adventure opportunities to college sludents. Student Xes & Spares! � $1 per game -J: WithThe Newest InAutomatic Scoring From �0 p.m. to 4 a.m. Every Tues., Thurs.& Sun. Night When You Present Your ValidCollege ID ,()pen Until 4 a.m. Evc. ry Day OfThe Year 2 C •Large Puny Bar Pl a ye -6 Dart Boards ii) ':'S •Poolroom w/TbrccTables Lo .,.,., lllJoe •A:,mVisa& MasterCardsAcccp1ed ., R�m �� · Voelker's Lanes i;,"""+ 686Amherst St. Comer OfElmwoodAvenue llgs Buffalo,�876-6020

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