Lancaster University - Principal Engineer

Our strategy is to become a University that is globally significant – a leader in higher education that provides the highest quality research and teaching, and engages locally and internationally on the issues and debates of the day and of the future. Driven by research and stimulating learning, the globally significant University informs and changes practice and thinking worldwide. Our strategy is founded on three priorities of equal importance. Success across all three of these domains will be critical if we are to fully realise our strategic goals. In the rapidly changing context of UK higher education, the University community has identified that we now need to increase our engagement with third parties, enhance our reputation and continue to grow in scale. We have reviewed and updated our objectives to reflect these factors, and new or revised objectives are highlighted against each of our three overarching priorities. Our Strategy 2021 – 2026 ..........................................................

Further details on our Strategic Plan can be found at: strategic-planning-and-gov- ernance/strategic-plan/

The priorities are: • Research that changes practice and thinking • Teaching that transforms society and the lives of people in it • To actively engage with students, businesses and our communities

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