THE OBJECT OF THE INSTITUTE The Bible Institute is primarily a training school which seeks to equip its students with a thorough knowledge of the Bible, to train them in its effective use in any form of Chri s tian activity, and to foster the development of the spiritual life and character of the student. The Institute aims to send forth men and women who express through their lives at least the following characteristics: I. Genuine and thorough consecration. 2. Christ like love for men and a desire for their salvation. 3. A comprehensive knowledge of the Word of God, with ability to use it in leading men to Christ, and with wisdom to teach it to believers that they may grow in grace. 4. Unt iring energy and willingness to "endure hardness" as good soldiers of Jesus Christ.

5. The ability to live and cooperate with fellow Chri stians. 6. Enduement with power by the filling with the Holy Spirit.


The standard of conduct of a Bible Institute student is expected to be the highest Christian s tandard, and the rule by which he lives, the conscious striving for God 's approval and the conscious protection of his Christian testimony. Specifically, there are certain practices which are contrary to the standards of the Bible Institute, and from which, therefore, all students are to refrain as long as they remain students: the use of alcoholic liquor and tobacco in any form, attendance at theaters, dancing, card playing, and gambling in any form.


All students must live in the Institute Dormitory during the course of their training, with certain possible exceptions as follows: I. The privilege of outside residence is granted to married students with children, or in case either hu sband or wife is not enrolled. 2. If the home of the student is within the Los Angeles metropolitan area and it should otherwise be impossible to attend, he may enter the Institute and re­ s ide at home for half the duration of his cou rse. 3. If employment of a man requires outside residence this may be granted by vote of the Faculty. Th is privilege is not granted to women. 4. Should other circumstances exist whereby it is clearly not feasible for the stu­ dent to reside in the Institute, special permission to live e lsewhere may be ob­ tained from the Faculty.


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