SUMMER SCHOOL A six-weeks Summer School from the middle of June to the end of July is con­ ducted each year ond the summer courses have been strengthened to cooperate with government requirements for theologica1 students. All work satisfactorily completed is counted hour for hour on diploma or degree courses. Classes are taught by the regular Biola Faculty. Dcrmitory accommodations are available for all students. Sufficient work may be taken during the summer to lighten the winter schedule or to decrease the time in residence. Beginning with the summer sess ion of 1944, evening classes will be held in con­ nection with the Summer School. BIBLE CORRESPONDENCE COURSES The Bible Institute of Los Angeles offers to men and women throughout the wor ld the opportunity of obtaining a working knowledge of the Bible through its several comprehensive, systematic, and inexpensive courses. The courses, printed in loose-leaf form, making the lessons adaptable for indi­ vidual or class use, are designed for the purpose of causing the student to see for himself the clear teaching of the Word of God on the subjects studied. Four courses offer credit for residential study at the Institute 's Day School. Send for free Prospectus describing in detail all of our nineteen courses. Address: The Correspondence School. EVENING SCHOOL The Evening School meets the need of the Christian who finds Day School attend­ ance impossible. Sunday School workers, and all others who take seriously their most effective witness for Jesus Christ, find a valuable training here. The courses offered are a part of the Day School curriculum, and are taught by regular members of the Faculty. Full Day School credit is allowed for each subject taken.


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