No student will be classified as to his course until the beginning of his second year. To qualify as a seminary student, one must have a scholarship average of c+ for the immediately preceding semester. Students expecting to qualify for a seminary course must have a diploma from a standard four-year high school with the following units: 3 units of English, 2 of social science, 2 of language, 1 of science, or the equivalent. Special students must enroll for at least one Bible subject and take at least 5 hours of classroom work. REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADUATION A grade average of C+ (grade point total equal to total units of credit) is re­ quired for graduation with a diploma or degree. Students who cover the work of a regular course but whose grade point average is less than a c+ (or under 1.0) shall be eligible for a certificate. In addition to receivirig satisfactory scholastic rating in all required courses, a student must give satisfactory evidence of strong Christian character and soundness of doctrine. An essay, not exceeding 1500 words, is a graduation requirement and shall be subm itted by each prospective senior not later than the end of the fall semester pre­ ceding his graduation.

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