ATTENDANCE A record of attendance is taken at each class session. Students not in the ir seats when the fina l be ll rings are tardy and are recorded as absent. The term "tardiness" does not appear on attendance records. Attendance at each class session is required of all students. Any absence from class must be recorded by the student in the office of his Superintendent. The justi­ fiability of the excuse will be considered by a Faculty committee. Absences not ex­ cused by the committee reduce the fina l grade in the subject involved.

GRADES Grades are recorded by means of the following symbols: Meaning

Grade Point Valu e



3 2



Very Good








Passing Failure



Incomplete A semester grade in any subject is based on the student's grasp of subject matter as evidenced by his daily class work and his examinations, his attitude toward the class and toward the subject, effort, punctuality in completing assignments, and class conduct. CURRICULUM The maior emphasis of the Bible Institute has always been on a study of the Bible. With this, the curriculum combines such related subjects as will give the stu­ dent a well-balanced equipment for present day service. The Institute courses, three in number, provide opportunity for emphasis on the particular field of the student's choice. These courses lead to a diploma, as follows: l. General (see page 27). 2. Christian Education (see page 28). 3. Music (see page 29). In response to a need for wider training in specialized fields, the Bible Seminary has been established with five four-year courses leading to degrees as fo ll ows: l. Theology Th. B. (see page 30). 2. Theology-Missionary Th. B. (see page 31) . 3. Christian Education B. Chr. Ed. (see page 32). 4. Christian Education-Missionary B. Chr. Ed. (see page 33). 5. Music B. Sac. Mus . (see page 34). The Institute also offers private music instruction, not only for students majoring in music, but also for others who wish to develop musical talent for the Lord's service. Thi s provision covers work in voice, elementary piano, classical piano, gospel piano accompanying, organ, piano accordion, and band or orchestral instruments. Four units of English are required for graduation. These may be elected from the six courses listed (see pp. 21-22) with the exception that English 504 (Grammar) is a prerequisite for New Testament Greek. Parallel with classroom study, Biola students serve while learning by engaging in definite Christian work. In addition to teaching Sunday School classes in more than 125 different churches, these students participate in street, hospital , and jail teams . They conduct mission programs, young people's mee tings, and church services. Tract distribution and the follow-up work afford many opportunities for personal witnessing. It is the desire of Biola to help each student find that particular task to which the Lord has called him. Thi s activity is under the direction of the Practical Christian Work De­ partment, and each student is granted one unit of credit each semester for faithfully fulfilling the obligations of his particular variety of service.

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