Description of Subjects ENGLISH BIBLE 101-115 John A. Hubbard-Department Head

101 - 104 SYNTHESIS I, II, III. IV

The synthetic method of Bible Study is designed to enable the student to obtain a broad view of the contents of Scripture, see ing each book as a whole and its relation to the other books. I. The Pentateuch II. The Historical , Prophetical, and Poetical books of the Old Testament III. The Gospels and I and II Thessalonians IV. Epistles-I Corinthians through Jude (except I and II Thessalonians and Hebrews) -Dr. Hubbard 105-106 ANALYSIS (I, II) cons iders in detail two New Testament books, inquiring into the authorship, occasion for writing, purpose and theme of each. The student analyzes the contents and searches for spiritual truths. I. Acts of the Apos tles II. The Epistle to the Romans -Dr. Hubbard 107-110 EXPOSITION (I, II, III, IV) instructs the s tudent in the expository method of studying Scripture.

I. Revelation (for Institute courses) II. Hebrews (for Institute courses) III. Hebrews (for Seminary courses) IV. Daniel and Revelation (for Seminary courses)

-Dr. Sutherland, Mr. Ramm

111 DISPENSATIONS takes the student through the Bible from Genesis to Reve­ lation in the light of the dispensations. Charts are prepared by the student for each dispensation. -Dr. Sutherland 112 TYPOLOGY consists of a study of Old Testamen t types, placing special em­ phasis upon the study of the Tabernacle, the Offerings, and the Feasts. Spir­ itual lessons which can be applied in the life of the individual student are emphasized. -Mrs. Hooker 113 HERMENEUTICS is intended to acquaint the student thoroughly with the rules of interpretation as a basis for a correct understanding and a proper handling of the Holy Scriptures. -Mr. Ramm 1!4 PERSONAL EVANGELISM covers in its scope the way of salvation, methods of doing personal work, Scriptural answers to excuses for not accepting Christ as Saviour, and instructions for strengthening new converts in the faith -Dr. Sutherland


CHAPTER SUMMARY introduces the student to an effective method of Bible study. Application of the method is made to various types of chapters, fol­ lowed by an intensive study of the Gospel of Mark and the Book of Psalms. -Miss Pentney

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