THEOLOGY 201-212 Paul R. Bauman-Department Head


DOCTRINE I traces from the Bible itself the doctrines of the existence, nature, and attributes of God, and of the in spiration of the Sc riptures as God's rev­ elation to man. -Mr. Ramm DOCTRINE II (Christ and the Ho ly Spirit) considers the Person of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the personality and work of the Holy Spirit. -Mr. Ramm DOCTRINE III (Man, Sin, Satan, Angels) deals with the creation, nature, and fa ll of man, the nature and destiny of a ngels, the devil, and demons. - Mr. Ramm DOCTRINE IV (Salvation· and Last Things) treats of the Biblical plan of sal- vat ion and redemption, and the Biblical teach ing concerning future events. -Mr. Ramm SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY I (God and Revelation) dea ls with the methods of revelation; the inspiration of the Scriptures; the nature and attributes of God; the doctrine of the Trinity. -Dr. Bauman SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY II (Christ and the Spirit) studies the Eternal Son a s the perfect and supreme Revealer of the Godhead; a consideration of the Person and work of Chri s t; the deity, personality and work of the Holy Spirit. -Dr. Bauman SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY III (God and the World) considers the re lation of God to the world-His eternal plan, creation, preservation and providence; His relation to His personal creatures-Satan, angels, demons and men; man's original relation to the Creator; the fall; and the problems of physical and mora l evil. -Dr. Bauman SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY IV (Salvation and the Christian Life) traces the saving work of God in the life of the believer, beginning with grace and continuing through to glorification. Special attention is given to problems related to the individual' s Christian experience. -Dr. Bauman SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY V (The Kingdom and the Church) presents a study of the Kingdom of God, tracing in the Scripture the course of the Mediatorial Kingdom from its beginning in Old Testament prophecy to its millennial mani­ fest ation and final consummation; the Church in its universal and local aspects; the purpose of the Church; her organization and various relations. -Dr. Bauman









210 SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY VI (Biblical Eschatology) considers the problems of physical death. the intermediate state, the second coming of Christ; the doct rine of the Resurrection , judgment, the final state of the saved and the lost. -Dr. Bauman 211-212 PASTORAL THEOLOGY (I, II) brings before students preparing for the min­ istry the practical problems concerning the pastor and his call, his personal life and study, hi s work in the field and in the pulpit (I), and his relation to the church, to the community, to his particular denomination, to other de­ nominations, and to the world-wide work of the Church of Jesus Christ (II) . -Dr. Sutherland

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