ENGLISH IV (Grammar) applies the fundamental facts of technical grammar to the text of the English Bibl e, with special emphasis upon those structures which contribute most to the understanding of the Scriptures in their original languages. This course, or its equivalent, is a prerequisite for New Testa­ ment Greek. -Miss Pentney

505-506 ENGLISH V, VI (Literature) acquaint the student with British and American literature, respectively, with emphasis upon Christian writers and the appli ­ cation of literary quotations to the Christian message. -Miss Pentney 507- 508 PUBLIC SPEAKING includes fundamentals in the use of the voice in public speaking, assigned study in the writings of masters of speech, speech analy­ sis, outlines, class practice and criticism. -Dr. Bordeaux 509-5 14 HOMILETICS (I, II, III, IV, V, VI) considers the writing of sermons and their delivery before the class, constructive criticism, study of outstanding homi ­ letical texts (I, II); the fundamentals of public address with a thorough ac­ quaintances with the choicest texts of this field, practice in outlining and writ­ ing the full manuscript of messages, preaching before the class followed by criticism, and analyses of sermons by masters of the art (III-VI). -Dr. Bordeaux


LOGIC disciplines the student in soundness of reasoning, testing for validity of thought, the doctrine of terms, principles of correct predication, accurate inferences, and right conclusions. -Dr. Bordeaux

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION 601-617 Nadine K. Warner-Department Head


PEDAGOGY includes the study of the principles of teaching, the use of illus­ trations and questions, the preparation of, and presentation of a Sunday School lesson, thus better equipping the teacher who would make the Bible clear and cogent to a class. -Miss Warner BIBLE GEOGRAPHY, CUSTOMS AND MANNERS gives the student a knowl­ edge of the geography of the countries concerned, and of the manners and customs which prevailed in Bible times, thus throwing important light upon otherwise obscure passages of Scripture. -Miss Warner CHILD STUDY AND EVANGELISM includes a study of child psychology with a view to understanding the child in the various periods of his development, thereby finding the most effective ways of leading him to an intelligent ac- ceptance of Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. -Mrs. Hooker METHODS OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION sets before the student the most effective methods of presenting Bible material to each age group in the Sunday School, emphasizing the use of the story, recitation, and discussion methods, and the intelligent use of visual aids, such as chalk talks, Scri pture ­ graph, and charts. -Mrs. Hooker




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