The S.M.U. sends deputation teams, upon request , to churches and young people 's groups in Los Angeles for the purpose of pre­ senting m iss ionary info rmation and the chal­ lenge of Christian service to others, through song and testimony. KING'S DAUGHTERS The young women of Biola rejoice that they are bound together in spiritual fellowship as daughters of the King. At the regula r Mon­ day evening meetings of this organi zation they become better acquainted and enjoy a time of real blessing and inspiration as spe­ cial music and interesting speakers con tri bute to their devotional serv ice . "K. D. camps" are the special recre at ional feature of this organization. Twice du ri ng the school year the young women leave the crowded city to spend two days in the quiet of the mountains, enjoying outdoor sports and relaxation . The evening program of stunts, followed by a sing and a testimony meeting around a glow ing campfire, is long remem­ bered.

BIOLA MEN The corresponding organization for the men of the school also meets regularly on Monday evenings, and the program of fellowship and devotionis s imilar to that of the King's Daughters. The Biola Men a lso conduct student devotions on Saturday eve­ nings, and a spec ial weekly prayer meetingsfor the former Biola students now serving in the armed forces of our country. Twice each year the men, also, enjoy an overnight outing known as the Biola Men 's Advance, where Chri st ian fellowship is combined with sports and fun. THE DORMITORY Life in almost any dormitory is interesting, but at Biola, where all entrants must be Christian young people, this is especially true. Imagine living under one roof with hundreds of other young people al l having a vital interest in the Lord 's work! Here one finds a fellowship both unique and satisfying. Living in close contact with one another, Biola students are given an opportunity to practice the fine art of living to­ gether, and to give expression to Christian consideration and helpfulness. "Love one another" has a definite application. Morning and evening devotions are a dai ly source of strength and inspiration. Immediately after breakfast, and again before evening study hours, the dormitory family meets for family worship. Corridor prayer meetings, in which the students living in a single corridor, or on an entire floor, meet for intercessory prayer, are held weekly. Personal requests are presented, and many answers are experienced, as well as other blessings by all who participate. On the eighth floor of the dormitory is the students ' Social Hall, where Home Night and other special programs are enjoyed. The women's dormitory al so provides a smaller Parl or with a fully equipped kitchen for the use of the women student s.

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