9. If married, wou ld your wife/husband come with yo u ?


10. Have you children ?.



11. ls yo ur health good?

.H ave yo u any physical disability?.

12. Do you use tobacco? .


Have you ever done so?

If so, when did you stop?

13. D o you use liquor in any form?

H ave you ever done so?

If so, when did you stop?

14. What grade did you finish in Grammar School? High School?

15 . What college, theological seminary, or Bibl e Instit ute have you attended, and for how


16. What business experience have you had? ..

17. When did you accept Christ as your Saviour and Master?

18. Have you been out of fellowship since then?

When were you restored to fellowship?

19 . To what denomi nati on do you belong?

20. What is th e name and address of the Church of which you are a member?

21. Wha t Christian work have you done, and what are you now doing ?

22. Have you ever led anyone to accept Christ?

What musical instrument do you play?


D o you sing?

24. Why do yo u wish to enter the Institute?

25. If acce pt ed, when do you expect to enter the Institute ?

26. H ow long do you expect to remain?


line of Christian work do you

expect to engage in when you leave?

27 . H ow much money will you have when yo u enter, to meet your expenses?

Is there anyone dependent upon you for support?

28. Are you in debt?

29. If accepted as a student, are you wil ling to submit cheerfu ll y to all the regu lations of the

Institute and do whatever work you are assigned?


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