INTER-DENOMINATIONAL NATURE OF THE BIBLE INSTITUTE The Bible Institute of Los Angeles is an inter-denominational training school which seeks to equip its students with a thorough knowledge of the Bible, to train them in its effective use in all types of Christian activities, and to foster the development of the spiritual life and character of the students. A constant effort is put forth to send out . young men and women who reveal by their lives those traits which are characteristic of a mature Christian. The Bible Institute of Los Angeles is thoroughly committed to the proclamation of the great historic doctrines of the Christian Church. It is not sympathetic in the least with modern-day trends which present the so-called "neo-orthodoxy" (new orthodoxy), but definitely affirms the historic orthodoxy and earnestly endeavors to make these great doctrinal truths a vital reality in the spiritual li fe of this present generation. THE CORPORATION The Bible Institute of Los Angeles, with its various departments of work, has been granted in its charter by the State of California very broad powers of educational service, as will be seen by the following quotation from the Consolidation Agreement of 1936: "The purposes for which the consolidated corporation is formed are: (a) To estab­ lish, equip, conduct and maintain, for the instruction and training of Christian men and women in the knowledge of the Word of God and in effective service for Christ, an institution or institutions to be used, conducted and maintained as a college and seminary of learning of collegiate grade. (b) To create and establish a college for the purpose of giving theological education, and such other instruction as may be needful and advantageous in preparing and qualifying ministers and other persons for Christian work, and the Board of Trustees and Faculty shall be authorized to confer upon any student of said college, or any other person, any of the degrees usually conferred by theological seminaries, or other degrees arising from its course of studies, and exercise all powers, rights and duties appertaining to theological seminaries provided for or authorized under the laws of the State of California." It will be observed from this that the future necessary development of the Insti- tution was envisioned by the Board, and that present trends, as representing greater educational demands on the part of missionary boards, Christian education leaders, etc., was anticipated and provided for. 14 >

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