THE OBJECT OF THE INSTITUTE The Bible Institute is primarily a training school which seeks to equip its students with a thorough knowledge of the Bible, to train them in its effective use in any form of Christian activity, and to foster the development of the spiritual life and character of the student. The Institute aims to send forth men and women who express through their lives at least the following characteristics: 1. Genuine and thorough consecration. 2. Christlike love for men and a desire for their salvation. 3. A comprehensive knowledge of the Word of God, with ability to use it in leading men to Christ, and with wisdom to teach it to believers that they may grow in grace. 4. Untiring energy and willingness to "endure hardness" as good soldiers of Jesus Christ. 6. Enduement with power by the filling with the Holy Spirit. FOR WHOM INTENDED The goal and watchword of the Bible Institute from the beginning of its existence has been SERVICE. It was founded for the training of those who wish to serve; therefore, it a ttracts those who have a desire to know God's Word in its entirety, who are willing to follow the will of God for their lives, who wish to have the tools of effective service in the modern world, and who wish to earn an academic degree in a curriculum designed especially for the Christian worker. Specifically, those who will profit most from Bible Institute training may be classi­ fied in ten groups : 1. High school gr aduates who desire Bible college training in an atmosphere of firm Christian belief and Christian service. 2. Young men who are called of God into the ministry of His Word. 3. High school graduates who desire a more thorough knowledge of the English Bible and practical methods of aggressive Christian work before a college or university career. 4. Young men and women who are called of God to the foreign mission field . 5. Young people desiring to train for the educational work of the church; e.g., service as P astor's Assistant, Director of Christian Educatoin, and workers with children and young people. 6. Those preparing to work as evangelists, evangelistic singers, choir directors, Sunday School workers, church visitors, superintendents of city missions, and as leaders in other Christian institutions. 7. Men already in the ministry and missionaries at home on furlough who feel the need of a more thorough and usable knowledge of the English Bible. 8. Missionary candidates who are already graduates of colleges, Bible schools, and 15

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