seminaries, and who need a supplemental training in practical medical knowledge and skills especially designed to meet the needs of the mission field. 9. Young men and young women who do not intend to give their whole time to definite forms of Christian service, but who desire a practical Bible and music training that they may be more useful in their home churches. 10. Veterans of World War II who desire any of the aforementioned types of training free under the Veterans' Aid Administration. Reuben Archer Torrey, first Dean of the Bible Institute, stated the purposes of Bible Institute attendance as follows: 1. To increase knowledge of the Bible. 2. To gain a systematic knowledge of all the great doctrines of the Bible.

3. To learn how to do personal work. 4. To receive a great spiritual uplift. 5. To learn to live and work with other Christians.

STANDARDS OF CONDUCT The standard of conduct of a Bible Institute student is expected to be the highest Christian standard, and the rule by which he lives, the conscious striving for God's approval and the conscious protection of his Christian testimony. Specifically, there are certain practices which are contrary to the standards of the Bible Institute, and from which, therefore, all students are to refrain as long as they remain students: the use of alcoholic liquor and tobacco in any form, attendance at theaters, dancing, card playing, and gambling in any form. BUILDINGS The building which houses the Bible Institute is a three-unit structure occupying nearly a quarter block. The north and south units are thirteen stories in height, with approximately twenty-five rooms on each floor. The south unit, known as Lyman Stewart Hall, contains the women's dormitory which occupies nine of the thirteen floors and accommodates 400 women. The first floor is occupied by the offices and studios of the School of Sacred Music; the sixth floor contains the faculty offices, the seventh floor the Business Department and Publications; and the tenth floor is devoted to the School of Missionary Medicine and the school Infirmary and Dispensary. The central unit contains the Auditorium, at present owned by the Church of the Open Door and used for their public meetings, and above the rear of the auditorium, a social hall and the Library. The facilities of this unit are also used for classrooms. The north unit at the present is leased by the Willard Hotel Company and operated as a public hotel, but three floors are used as a men's dormitory, and on the second floor are the offices of the Superintendent of Men. 16

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