CONFERENCE PROGRAM Three great conferences are held by the Bible Institute within each school year. In January the Torrey Memorial Bible Conference, a feast of good things from the Word of God, with speakers selected from all parts of the country, is held in honor of the founders of the Bible Institute, Dr. R. A. Torrey being the first Dean. At Easter the Bible Institute cooperates with the Church of the Open Door in a great Missionary Conference with returned missionaries and missionary leaders as speakers. Almost all the great evangelical missions are respresented, a special feature being the display booths where slides, motion pictures, and curios representing the various fields are shown, and where a representative from each field is in attendance to answer questions. The annual Sunday School Convention, held for one week shortly afte r the opening of the fa ll term, is an effort to provide the best in Christian Education and Departmental Specialization to the Sunday School personnel of Southern California churches. It is proving to be one of the most beneficial services which the Bible Institute of Los Angeles renders to the Christian public. During this week hundreds of Sunday School teachers, in addition to the entire Bible Institute student body, receive instruction by nationally-known Sunday School leaders. Addresses are presented giving the types and characteristics of the various age groups. Sunday School program building, develop­ ments in audio-visual aid material and other Scriptural methods of Bible instruction are stressed. Each summer the Bible Institute sponsors a series of summer Bible conferences, the largest of which is held at beautiful Mt. Hermon in central California, deep in the heart of the tall Redwood country, seven miles east of Santa Cruz, and seventy-five miles south of San Francisco. For a week in August this splendid spot affords inspiration for the soul as well as recreation for the body through the Biola Bible Confe rence, which is for all ages. Speakers include members of the faculty and visiting pastors. A Bible conference for young people of high school and college age is held annually during one week in July at Hume Lake, located in the heart of the high Sierras in central California, and surrounded by mountain peaks which tower ten to twelve thousand feet. This beautiful spot, in the midst of a stately forest of pine and redwood trees, provides an ideal place where young people may go to receive inspiration, in­ struction in the Word of God, and wonderful fellowship with others of like mind. The conference is held under the auspices of the faculty of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. It provides an excellent opportunity for incoming students to the Bible Institute to meet, personally, faculty members and student leaders . These contacts have proved to be very advantageous to all such students. In addition to these the Bible Institute offers the services of the Extension Depart­ ment to hold conferences in various churches and city-wide meetings. Members of the Faculty constitute the speakers in these gatherings. EXTENSION AND RADIO An ever increasing ministry of the Bible Institute is its Extension Department. Perhaps the largest arm of the Extension Division is that of the Radio Ministry. Under the able leadership of Dr. Louis T . Talbot, the Radio Ministry has become known far and wide, both in Southern California and along the Pacific Coast. At the present time 19

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