Academic Information ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS AND APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION All appl icants for admission to the Bible Institute and Bible College should be between the ages of 18 and 45, of at least one year's Christian experience, well recom­ mended by three referees, and physically capable of carrying a schedule of classroom work. The academic level of the work presupposes a high school diploma or its equivalent. Veterans who have not completed their high school education may take the G. E. D. (General Educational Development) Test at a local high school or college. Passing this test will make the veteran eligible for a high school diploma. Prospective students may write to the Superintendent of Men or Women respectively requesting application blanks. Uniform reference blanks will be sent for three references, also a form for the medical examination. Prospective students of the School of Missionary Medicine write to the Director of that School for application papers or Catalogue. In addition such applicants must be graduates of a Bible School, College, or Seminary, and have the approval of their Mission Board, if under appointment, to take this year of supplemental misionary train­ ing. Further, the applicant is expected to be financially able to complete the school year without personal employment, other than that required in the student program of this School. (This includes training in a hospital, study in the laboratory and much research work, but without assurance of opportunity for personal remuneration.) Those desiring to enroll in any of the courses leading to a degree must hold a high school diploma, and have eight recommended units as follows: three units of English; two units of social science; two of language; one of science; or the equivalent of these. Students entering the Institute must begin work at the beginning of a semester, either in September or January, preferably in September. All applications for admission should be in the hands of the Superintendents not later than one month before the opening of the semester. Students are accepted on trial, and if for any reason they are found unadapted for Christian environment, they may be asked to withdraw at any time. TRANSFER STUDENTS Students transferring from other accredited institutions will have their transcripts validated to the extent that their courses are equivalent to our requirements for grad­ uation. Students may validate, by examination, courses taken in non-accredited institu­ tions. Minimum residence requirements for graduation are : one year of resident work, one semester of residence in the dormitory,* and nine hours per semester of classroom work. *For possible exceptions, see p. 27. 21

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