REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADUATION Because of the type of work offered and the purpose for which the Bible College and Bible Institute exist, the courses are rather rigidly prescribed and electives rela­ tively few. Generally, all graduates from academic departments will have a Bible major as prescribed by the requirements of the Accrediting Association. In addition, Bible majors should consider the importance of sufficient concentration of subject matter to graduate with a second academic major in the Liberal Arts field: social science, his­ tory, English, etc. In the Christian Education Course, practically all the requirements for a Bible Major have been met, with sufficient requirements in psychology and Christian education for a second major. In the Music Course, at least thirty hours must be in Bible and doctrine. All three-year courses demand for graduation 102 semester hours of work. All four-year courses demand 136 semester hours, 50 of which must be in upper division. These hours will not be considered excessive if one takes into account the absence of distracting influences, the purposeful attitudes of the student body, and the fact that eight of these semester hours must be in Christian service. In addition to receiving satisfactory scholastic rating in all required courses, a student must give satisfactory evidence of good Christian character and soundness of doctrine. An essay, not exceeding 1500 words, on any Bible subject the student may select, is a graduation requirement and shall be submitted by each prospective senior not later than the eighth week of the fall semester preceding his graduation.


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