groups in Los Angeles for the purpose of presenting missionary information and the challenge of Christian service to others, through song and testimony.

ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY The Associated Student Body, of which all students are automatically members, exists for a threefold purpose: to foster the spirit of fellowship, to promote the interests and welfare of the students, and to direct student affairs. The Student Council is composed of the President and Vice-Presidents of the Student Body, the President of each class, the editor and associate editor of each student publication, and the President and Vice-President of each student organization. The Student Council meets each year before the opening of school to plan the calendar of activities for the year, and to discuss the major current issues of student life. During the school year regular meetings are held. The ASB council plans a recreational program which includes outings, picnics, and sponsored trips to places of interest in the Los Angeles area. The men's athletic director and the women's athletic director are elected officers of the student body. These directors, with the counsel of the school's recreational director, plan and arrange for the recreational trips to city playgrounds and for the competitive sports: men's basketball, football, and baseball; and women's basketball and softball. Each spring there is a student-organized tennis tournament. The Student Body meetings are held each Thursday morning and combine the business session with .student-led devotions. Twice each year, fall and spring, the Student Body arranges for an evening of Open House at which time the friends of the school and especially prospective students are invited to tour the buildings and become acquainted with the details of school life. All departments of the school are open for visitors, and the evening is given over to an all-student program. The Student Body sponsors two student publications: a bi-weekly newspaper,. the BIOLA CHIMES, and a yearbook, the BIOLAN. These serve to keep a record of school life, to interest young people in the Institute as a place of healthy activity, and to inform the friends of the school of items of current interest. KINGS DAUGHTERS AND BIOLA MEN The young women of the school are bound together in spiritual fellowship as daughters of the King. The King's Daughters, women's organization, exists for the purpose of promoting fellowship and friendship . To this end they plan various means of getting acquainted, and conduct women's devotions one evening each week and one morning bi-weekly. The corresponding organization for the men of the school is known as Biola Men. Their program is similar to that of the King's Daughters.

ATHLETICS The purpose of athletics at the Bible Institute is to provide a recreational program 30

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