which combines wholesome exercise with Christian sportsmanship. The Bible Institute is a member of the Southern California Christian College Conference which plans interscholastic competition in men's touch-football, basketball, softball, and track; and women's basketball and softball. The Recreational Director and the Men's and Women's Athletic Chairman (elected Student Body officers) are members of the Conference Council. Intramural touch-football, basketball, softball, tennis, and women's volleyball are under the direction of the Men's and Women's Athletic Chairmen working in con­ junction with the Recreational Director. All students under twenty-five years of age, with the exception of married students and those who regularly spend week ends at home, a re required to have two hours of outdoor recreation each week. This may be obtained through any of the organized sports or by group attendance at one of the many city playgrounds . RESIDENCE REQUIREMENTS All students must live in the Institute Dormitory during the course of their train­ ing, with certain possible exceptions as follows: 1. The privilege of outside residence is granted to married students with children, or in case either husband or wife is not enrolled. Such students are responsible for their own housing. 2. If the home of the student is within the Los Angeles metropolitan area and it should otherwise be impossible to attend, he may enter the Institute and reside at home for half the duration of his course. 3. If employment of a man requires outside residence this may be granted by vote of the Faculty. This privilege is not g ranted to women. 4. Should other circumstances exist whereby it is clearly not feasible for the student to reside in the Institute, speci al permission to live elsewhere may be obtained from the Faculty. Rooms are furni shed, heated, lighted, and suppli ed with running water, hot and cold. The Institute supplies and launders blankets and linen. Bedspreads and draperies are to be furnished by the students, as they desire. Students care for their own rooms . A deposit of $10.00 is required to hold a dormitory room. This amount will be applied on room rent when the room is occupied, or refunded if notice of change of plan is given at least one month before the opening date of the semester fo r which reservation has been made. THE DORMITORY Life in almost any dormitory is interesting, but in a · school where all entrants must be Christian young people, this is especi ally true . Living together with hundreds of young people all having a vital interest in the Lord's wo rk, one finds a fellowship both unique and satisfying. Living in close contact with one another , Biola students are given an opportunity to practice the fine art of living together, and to g ive expression to true Christian consideration and helpfulness. Morning and evening devotions are ·a source of help and inspiration. Immedi ately after breakfast and again before evening study hours, the dormitory family meets for family worship. 31

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