Corridor prayer meetings, in which students living in a single corridor, or on an entire floor, meet for intercessory prayer, are held at stated intervals. Requests are presented and many answers are experiencd, as well as other blessings to all who participate. Student government in the dormitory is under the management of Court Leaders and Floor Leaders, working under the general supervision of the Superintendents of Men and Women.


Linen and two blankets are provided and laundered by the school. Laundry rooms in the basement are available for both men and women students. Washing machines are available at no extra fee. A sewing machine is available in the women's dormitory. Electric irons are not provided by the school. Students should bring irons that can be used on direct current. STUDENT MAINTENANCE Each student wil1 be required to spend one hour a week, including examination and vacation weeks, in work that contributes to keeping the building clean, supplies available, and equipment arranged, plus one hour for each demerit issued. Maintenance assignments that fall on holidays or week ends when a student does not expect to be at school must be taken care of before leaving school or by a substi­ tute provided by the student. Failure to carry out a maintenance assignment satisfactorily will result in the assessment of demerits. STUDENT HEALTH SERVICE The Medical Department conducts student health services for the benefit of all registered students who have an approved physical examination prior to admission to School in the fall and spring semesters. It is staffed by a Medical Director and qualified registered nurses, assisted by students of the School of Missionary Medicine. For serious emergencies a competent staff of medical doctors and dentists is on call and available for the care of students for a nominal fee. The health service includes a Dispensary for consultation with a nurse and treat­ ment of minor injuries as well as follow-up care in the more serious needs. It is open daily to students while school is in session. A nurse is on call at all hours of the day and night, for any serious emergency. Included also is a school infirmary, a fine ten-bed hospital, with a diet kitchen, treatment room, and laboratory. This service is operated for the benefit of the students 32

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