with the cooperation of the doctors, nurses, and laboratory technicians m the School of Missionary Medicine. Hospitalization in any approved hospital is provided for students who need emer­ gency surgery or medical care that cannot be given in the school's infirmary. This is done in conference with the doctors and upon the authorization of the Medical Director. Authorized hospitalization permits the student financial assistance by the Bible Institute to cover board and room whi le in the hospital, up to $80.00. This does not cover the doctor's fee, surgical expense of anesthesia, operating room, medicines, ambu­ lance, special nurse, or X-ray, etc. Likewise, it is not authorized for maternity cases, chronic conditions, any accidents due to carelessness, or any condition already covered by other insurance.


It is the function of the Christian Service Department to see that every student has a Christian service outlet for the expression and application of truths taught in classes. In Sunday Schools, jails, detention homes, hospitals, churches, street meetings, and many other places, there are found those who become the wi lling recipients of saving and life-building truth. In addition to the blessing brought to others, there is also a very definite benefit accruing to the Biola student. Through their Christian Service assignments, many are led to some specific type of ministry as their life work. The Director gives full time to the development of the program. At the beginning of each semester the students are personally interviewed by the Director and his assist­ ants concerning their Christian service activities. During their stay at school, they are expected to have practical experience in many of the phases of Christian service so that they will be prepared to work in any needed area in their own churches or wherever the Lord may lead. At the present time the students serve in approximately 300 churches in Southern California. Each student is expected to spend a minimum of three hours per week in his assigned Christian service and one unit of credit toward graduation is granted each semester for this work. DISCIPLINE The Bible Institute is dedicated to the training of young people who are sincere and earnest in their desire to live for Jesus Christ. Since this is true, students are ex­ pected to give evidence of conduct consistent with such a profession. At the time of admission, each students enters into an agreement with the Institute to be responsible for certain details of activity and conduct. Infringements are recorded by reminders in writing, and any student who accumulates a sufficient number of re­ minders is asked to meet with the Administrative Committee of the Faculty for counsel and help. Students whose attitude proves to be uncooperative are asked to withdraw from school. 33

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