J. VERNON McGEE, Professor of English Bible and Head of the Department A.B., Southwestern Presbyterian College, 1930; B.D., Columbia Theologi cal Seminary, 1933; Th.M., Dalla s Theological Seminary, 1940; Th.D., Da llas Theologica l Seminary , 1910. ELIZABETH BERNICE MORGAN, Associate Professor of Music B.S., University of Maine, 1943; Graduate work, University of California at Los An geles, S1945, S1947, S1948. LEVI B. OLSON, Superintendent of Men CHESTER J. PADGETT, Professor of Homiletics and Head of the Department A.B., Wheaton College, 1943; Th.B., The Bible Institute of Los Angel es, 1940 ; Th.M., Prince ton Seminary, 1946. BERTHA H. PENTNEY, Associate Professor of English Diploma, Oregon Normal School, 1927; Oregon State Elementary Credential , 1927 ; A.B., Los An- geles Bapti st Theological Seminary, 1941. BERNARD L. RAMM, Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics, and Head of the Department A.B., University of Washington, 1938; Il.D., Eastern Baptist Seminary, 1941; M.A., Univers it y of Southern California, 1947; Candidate Ph.D., Univers ity of Southern California, 1950. ROBERT ROSS, Assistant Professor of History and Social Science AB., Westmont College, 1948; M.A., Claremont Graduate School, 1950; Candidate Ph. D., Clare- mont Colleges. ORAN SMITH, Professor of Missions and Head of the Department Diploma, Kansas City Bible College, 1936. LEONIE V. SOUBIROU, Director of Medical Department Diploma, The Bible Inst itute of Los Angeles, 1928; R.N., Emmanuel Hospital, 1935; A.B., Alban y College, 1937; P.H.N., University of Oregon Medical School, 1943; M.A., New York Uni ver sity, 1945. ZADA STEVENS, Assistant Professor of Christian Education Diploma, The Bible Ins titute of Los Angeles, 1942 ; A.B., Wes tmont College, 1943; M.A., Wheaton College, 1947. S. H. SUTHERLAND, Dean and Associate Professor of English Bible and Pastoral Theology A.B., Occidental College, 1922 ; Th.B., Princeton Theological Seminary, 1926; D .D., The Bible Ins t itute of Los Angeles, 1940 ; LL.D., J ohn Brown University, 1948. OLIVE B. TAYLOR, Registrar EVA MARGARET TOVEY, Co-director, School of Sacred Music Mus .B. , Chicago Conservatory, 1926 ; Graduate work: College of Pacific, 1928; Eastman School of Music, 194 1; Ameri can Conservatory, 1938-49; Mus.D., John Brown University, 1949; California State Secondary Music Type Life Certificate. HERBERT G. TOVEY, Director, School of Sacred Music A.B., Los Angeles Baptist Seminary, 1941; Graduate work, Univers ity of Southern Califoruia , six summer sessions and two years; Mus.D., Huston Bible Institute, 1934 ; D.D., The Bible In s ti­ tute of Los Angeles, 1939; LL.D. , John Brown University, 1949. WALTER W. WESSEL, Associate Professor of New Testament Greek A.B., Univers ity of California at Los Angeles, 1946, Th .B., The Bible Institute of Los Angel es, 1944; Graduate work, University of California at Los Angeles, 1948-49. ELIAS D. WHITE, Assistant Professor of Doctrine and Systematic Theology A.B., Ashland College, 1934; Th .B., Ashland Theological Seminary, 1937; M.A., Oberlin College, 1938 ; Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary, 1940; B.D., Grace Theological Seminary, 1950. 35

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