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Diploma, The Bible In stitu te of Los Angeles , 1944. ~ Anna SMITH, Angelus Hospital Clinics R.N., St. J oseph Hospi tal , St. Paul , Minneso ta , 1924. HARRY E. STRAUB, Dental Clinics D.D.S., College of Den ti s try Un i vers it y of Southern Californi a, 1912. Leonie V. SOUBIROU, School Director, Public Health and Hygiene R.N., Emmanuel H ospit a l, 1935; A .H. , Alba ny Co ll ege, 1937; P .H. N., Universit y of Oregon Med ­ ical School, 1943; M.A., New York U nivers it y, 1945 .

FACULTY COMMITTEES 1949-1950 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-Considers policies regarding curriculum, student life and activities. S. H . Sutherland-Chairman ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE-Considers individual student problems, dis­ cipline, financial assistance. Harold Chrisman-Chairman ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE-Considers applications of prospective students. Levi B. Olson-Chairman CREDENTIALS COMMITTEE-Considers appraisal of credits from other schools. Olive B. Taylor- Chairman CURRICULUM COMMITTEE-Considers the developments of the curriculum in an effort to meet the requirements of present day Christian Education. S. H. Sutherland-Chairman QUALIFICATIONS COMMITTEE-Considers personal, spiritual, and scholastic qualifications of prospective graduates. Olive B. Taylor-Chairman EVENING SCHOOL & CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL COMMITTEE-Con­ siders problems in connection with the Evening School curriculum and the development of the Correspondence School. Wallace Emerson-Chairman SCHOOL OF . MISSIONARY MEDICINE COMMITTEE-Considers the develop­ ment, curriculum, admission requirements, graduation requirements, and other problems in connection with this school. Leonie V. Soubirou-Chairman SENIOR ESSAY COMMITTEE-Judges the qualifications of the Senior Essays as a graduation requirement. Bertha H. Pentney-Chairman CATALOG COMMITTEE­ Wallace Emerson-Chairman *On leave of absence until 1951. 40

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