The Institutional offerings are divided into the following four divisions:

I. THE BIBLE MAJOR DIVISION. This includes the Departments of English Bible, Old Testament, New Testament, Theology, English, Speech, Philosophy and Apologetics, Social Science, Biological Science, Modern Language, Missions, Church History.

II. THE CHRISTIAN EDUCATION MAJOR DIVISION. This includes the Departments of Christian Education, Psychology, Library Science.

III. THE SACRED MUSIC MAJOR DIVISION. This includes voice, pipe organ, piano, special band instruments, special orchestral instruments, and theory.


There are three undergraduate majors leading to the A. B. in Bible, Christian Education, and Sacred Music. The School of Missionary Medicine presupposes the college degree or diploma from an approved Christian institution. The graduate year of theology leading to the Th.B. presupposes four years of under-graduate preparation in a Bible college or in an institution demanding equivalent courses for graduation.


Courses numbered 100-199 are for Freshmen, 200-299 for Sophomores, 300-399 for Juniors or Seniors, 400-499 for Seniors, and 500-599 for graduate students. Where a student's background is acceptable, it is possible for Sophomores to enroll in "300" courses with special permission from the instructor involved, but not for "400" courses. "500" courses may, by special permission, be open to Seniors where background is sufficient to warrant this. Courses with hyphenated numbers extend through the year, and do not carry credit for either semester separately. Courses having numbers separated by a comma may be elected separately for credit. In general, odd numbered courses are given the first semester, and even, the second semester. Courses ending in zero are given either semester. The Bible College reserves the right to withdraw any courses for which there is insufficient registration. 41

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