THE BOOK OF JEREMIAH. A treatment of the prophecy with relation to the other prophetic books of the Old Testament and its special contribution to Messianic prophecy and the future of Israel. Elective. Credit, two hours. The EPISTLES TO THE EPHESIANS AND COLOSSIANS. The cor­ relation of these epistles in their teaching upon the New Testament Church and the life of the believer. Elective. Credit, two hours . THE THESSALONIAN AND JOHANNINE EPISTLES. An investi­ gation of these epistles in the light of their teaching upon the present walk of the believer and the second coming of the Lord. Elective. Credit, two hours. EXPOSITION OF REVELATION. A verse-by-verse exposition of the Book of Revelation with emphasis upon principles of interpretation, harmoniza­ tion of the prophetic Scriptures, and method in expository teaching and preach­ ing. Credit, two hours.




DEPARTMENT OF OLD TESTAMENT CHARLES L. FEINBERG, Th.D., Ph.D., Professor (Head of the Department) The aim of this department is to acquaint the student with the life, customs, and thought of the H ebrews in the Biblical period; and to give the student an accurate foundation in Hebrew grammar, syntax, and exegesis, so that his expositions of the English Bible will reflect this sound basis of interpretation. The department purposes not to be exhaustive, but rather directive in the matter of further independent study from the original language.


ARCHAEOLOGY. A treatment of the archaeological method, survey of the history of excavation in Palestine, Egypt, and Mesopotamia, and the bearing of discoveries on the Old Testament. Credit, two hours.

401-402 HEBREW I and II. Orthography, etymology, and translation of exercises. Readings in Genesis. Credit, three hours each semester.

501-502 HEBREW III and IV. Study in grammar and syntax with selected readings for the first semester. In the second semester a minute study is made of selected passages in Zechariah and Isaiah. Credit, two hours each semester.


OLD TESTAMENT INTRODUCTION. An examination of the foundations and conclusions of the Graf-Wellhausen school with particular reference to Pentateuchal criticism; introduction to the separate books; and detailed treat­ ment of Isaiah and Daniel. Credit, two hours. ADVANCED HEBREW READING. Selected portions of the Hebrew text with emphasis on rapid reading, including sight reading. Prerequisite, at least one year of Hebrew study. Credit, two hours. ARCHAEOLOGY OF MESOPOTAMIA. A survey of the history of excava­ tion, historical and geographical considerations, and the relati on to Old Testament studies. Prerequisite, Old Testament 302. Elective. Credit, two hours. 44


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