DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SCIENCE DONALD G. DAVIS, Ph.D., Professor (Head of the Department)

CHESTER J. PADGETT, Th.M., Professor ROBERT ROSS, M.A., Assistant Professor JOSE L. MORALES, Ph.D., Instructor CHARLES L. FEINBERG, Th.D., Ph.D. HISTORY

The aim of the courses offered in the field of history is twofold: that the student become acquainted with the facts of history, and that the student may come to a new understanding of the relationship between the facts of history and the outworking of the purposes of God in the world. The courses in history, as much as possible, are to be integrated with the Word of God, and the course of the Gospel in the world. 101 WORLD HISTORY. A survey of the history of the ancient Mediterranean world from earliest times to the birth of Jesus Christ, with special emphasis on the relation of the history of ancient peoples to the Hebrews and to Biblical studies in general. Credit, two hours. WORLD HISTORY. A survey of the history of Europe and the United States from the Age of Discovery to the present day. Credit, two hours. 203-204 HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES. A study of the growth and 102 development of the United States; colonization, pre-Revolutionary period, de­ velopment of the Constitutional government; social and economic influences in the nineteenth century; political development to the present day; the United States as a world power. A constructive survey of geographical development and of the expansion of the nation. Elective. Credit, two hours each semester. MEDIEVAL HISTORY. A survey of European history from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Renaissance, with special emphasis given to the history of the church during this period. Credit, three hours. 303-304 HISTORY OF MODERN EUROPE. Since 1870. A study of Nationalism; 301

the rise of power in Europe, the Balkan influence, the political, social, and economic aspects of modern European development, and the background of the two great wars. Elective. Credit, two hours each semester. SURVEY OF POLITICAL THOUGHT. The growth of modern political ideologies, eighteenth century and after. Development of the Contract Theory, the contributions of Montesquieu, Kant, Rousseau, Locke, Hobbes, and Burke; the Marxian theories; Fascism, Naziism. Elective. Credit, two hours . SURVEY OF DIPLOMACY. Designed for missionary candidates. The problem of diplomatic relations of the United States and the relationship of the missionary to diplomatic proc·edures. The background of basic United States policy is needed so that the missionary can serve his field without jeopardy to the country from which he comes. Elective. Credit, two hours. ISLAMIC HISTORY. The history of I slam from the time of Mohammed to the present day. A knowledge of mediaeval and modern history are desirable. Elective. Cred it, two hours. RESEARCH AND DIRECTED READING IN HISTORY. Advanced study in historical research methods, and special areas of historical significance. This course is suited to the student's interest and need, bearing in mind the necessity of proper methodology for historical schol arship. Elective. Credit, one to three hours. 47





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