SPRING SEMESTER January 30 - June 6, 1950

Pre-registration-January 23-27. January 30-31-Registration.

February 1-Convocation. February 2-Classes begin. February 16--Last day of registration. April 7-16--Easter recess. April 9-Easter. April 16-23-Missionary Rally ( Student attendance required) . May 31-June 5-Final examinations. June 2-Alumni Day. June 4-Baccalaureate Sunday.

June 5-Class Day. June 6--Graduation.

SUMMER SCHOOL June 19 - July 28, 1950 FALL SEMESTER September 5, 1950 - January 28, 1951

Pre-registration-August 28-September 1, 1950. September 5-7-Registration. September 8-Convocation. September 11-Classes begin.

September 22-Final Day of Registration. November 23-24-Thanksgiving Recess. December 11 - January 1-Christmas Recess. January 15-21-Torrey Memorial Bible Conference (Student attendance required) . January 22-26--Final Examinations.

SPRING SEMESTER January 29- June 5, 1951

Pre-registration-January 22-26. J anuary 29-30---Registration.

J anuary 31-Convocation. February 1-Classes begin. February 15-Final day of registration.

March 23-30---Easter Recess. March 25-Easter Sunday. April 1-8-Missionary Rally (Student attendance required) . May 24-29-Senior examinations. May 30---Memorial Day (Classes will be held) . May 30 - June 4-Final examinations. May 31-Senior retreat. June 1-Alumni Day. June 3-Baccalaureate Sunday.

June 4-Class Day. June 5-Graduat ion.

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