ETYMOLOGY. The background of the English language, including prefixes, suffixes, Latin and Greek roots, and their derivatives. The application of the technical material to the building of a vocabulary. Elective, first or second semester. Credit, two hours. CREATIVE WRITING. Trial writing in each of the literary forms, including the problem narrative. Required one long paper of one of the literary forms . Elective. Credit, two hours. DIRECTED READING. Selective reading in any field of literature, with direction from the instructor. Periodic reports are required, and a full term paper in the field of major interest. Elective. Credit, one to three hours. WORLD LITERATURE. A survey of some of the world's greatest books, including many of those that have influenced Christian thinking. Elective. Credit, two hours.





CHESTER J. PADGETT, Th.M., Professor (Head of the Department) ZADA STEVENS, M.A. The aim of this department is twofold: first, to enable the student to express him­ self freely and effectively in public address, both by the development of the proper mental and emotional adjustment to the speaking situation and by practice in the construction and delivery of public talks; second, to train the advanced student in the art of constructing various types of Biblical sermons and in preaching from the Bible. 301 PUBLIC SPEAKING. This course is designed to aid the student in acquiring a natural and normal attitude toward public speaking. The study touches on the basic elements of voice and enunciation with stress on the psychology of public address. The method includes a text, and written work, but emphasis is placed on actual participation, with personal counsel and constructive criti­ cism by the instructor. Credit, two hours.


HOMILETICS. The science and art of preaching; the fundamentals of sermon building and the techniques of delivery, by the use of basic texts in the field, the analysis of sermons by master preachers, and practical experience gained through ·preaching before the class. Personal constructive criticism and advice form an integral part of the course. Credit, three hours. ADVANCED SPEECH. This deals with the problems of oral style and interpretative speech, including oral reading of the Bible and supplementary homiletical literature. Credit, two hours. ADVANCED HOMILETICS. A study of the various sermon types, and a critical analysis of selected sermons by masters in the field of preaching. An important part of the course is practice preaching in which the student will deliver the various types of sermons studied. Credit, two hours. 51



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