DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE The purpose of this department is to provide a background for further work of the student in science, psychology, and education, and to furnish the basis for intelligent reading in the field of general knowledge. In addition to demonstration-laboratory work, and the usual procedures indigenous to work in biology, unusual opportunities are afford­ ed by the Southern California region in its varieties of museums, zoos, its proximity to the seashore and mountains, etc. The courses will make use of these various facilities through field trips. 301-302 BIOLOGY. A survey course dealing with the basic principles operating in living organisms, including a study of the various types of animals and plants according to the accepted standard classifications. The class work will include biological problems that are particularly related to human society. Credit, three hours each semester.


The purpose of this department is to give the student a facility in oral and written Spanish and to furnish him a background in the history, literature, and psychology of the Spanish people. 302-302 ELEMENTARY SPANISH. Emphasis on pronunciation, conversation, and reading of the grammar. Credit, four hours each semester. 401-402 INTERMEDIATE SPANISH. Continued grammar, conversation, and read­ ing. Credit, two hours each semester. 411-412 THE SPANISH BIBLE. Elective. Credit, two hours each semester. 413-414 SOUTH AMERICAN LITERATURE. Reading of outstanding literature from the Colonial Period to the present. Elective. Credit, two hours each semester.


ORAN H. SMITH, Professor (Head of the Department) CHARLES L. FEINBERG, Ph.D.

To meet the constantly growing need for better trained missionaries, this Depart­ ment is offering specially designed courses to emphasize the practical problems of mis­ sionary work. In addition to the classroom work and research, the student will find ample opportunity for personal consultation with missionaries and missionary executives.


MISSIONS I . A survey which looks into the great mission fields of the world, and examines the past missionary work and the present need. Credit, two hours. 52

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