DAILY VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL AND HANDCRAFT. The plan, purpose and organization of the D.V.B.S. Programs are planned to center around var ious themes . Practical material is collected and instruction given in correlated handwork . Credit, two hours. BIBLE STUDY METHODS I. Designed to teach the student how to make an independent study of any book of the Bible. Emphasis on getting a synthetic view by an inductive approach. Elective. Credit, two hours.


220 BIBLE STUDY METHODS II. Continuation of Bible Study Methods I, which is a prerequisite for this course. Elective. Credit, two hours. 303-304 PRACTICE TEACHING. A practical application of the principles and methods of teaching. Students teach lessons suitable for children from the Cradle Roll through the Junior Department (I), and from the Junior High Department through the Senior Young People's Department (II). Constructive criticism is given in class. Credit, two hours each semester.


CHRISTIAN EDUCATION OF CHILDREN. A study of the organization and administration of the children's division of the church from the Cradle Roll through the Junior Department. Materials best suited for each department are collected. Credit, three hours. CHRISTIAN EDUCATION OF YOUTH. A study of what the church can do to relate effectively youth to Jesus Christ. Credit, three hours. HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION. A history of the underlying philosophy involved. Credit, three hours . CLUB AND RECREATIONAL LEADERSHIP. A survey of the field of young people's organizations and weekday clubs. Principles of leadership, organi zation, methods followed, va lue and adaptability of program are con­ sidered. In the recreati onal phase of the course, the Christian leader is prepared to meet the present-day demands fo r a well-rounded recreational program for the youth of the church. Students prepare programs for hikes, picnics, parties, banquets, camps, etc. Credit, three hours. ORGANIZATION AND ADMINISTRATION OF CHRISTIAN EDU­ CATION. The organization and administration of the Sunday School and its vari ous activities, including the Junior Church, the weekday Bible clubs, teacher training programs, etc. Credit, two hours. CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP. A study of the fields of leadership, an analysis of a Chri stian leader , and the problems he must meet. Credit, two hours. PRACTICUM. Each Christian Education Senior is assigned a teaching assign­ ment in a day school classroom. Credit, three hours. SEMINAR. Written reports to the group on topics of special significance in the fi eld. Credit, three hours . DIRECTOR OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION. A study of the work of a director of Christian Education. Prerequisite, first three years of work of Christian Education major completed. Credit, two hours. CHURCH SECRETARY AND VISITOR. The work of an individual who assumes these positions in a church, as preparing of the weekly bulletin, caring fo r correspondence, conducting of visitation, etc. Credit, two hours. 60










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