THE TEACHING OF READING. A course designed for students likely to need reading teaching techniques on the mission field. Elective. Credit, two hours. CLASS PIANO. See Music 220. MUSIC IN RELIGIOUS EDUCATION. See Music 411.


PSYCHOLOGY 205-206 GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY. A survey of the field of normal adult psycho­ logy. Credit, first semester, three hours; second semester, two hours. ✓ 208 EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY. Psychology as it applies to the problems of teaching and learning. Credit, two hours. 301 CHILD NATURE AND NEEDS. The development of the child from infancy to adolescence. Credit, two hours. ✓ 302 ADOLESCENCE. A study of the nature, needs, and problems of adolescence with special reference to factors of spiritual significance. Credit, two hours.


MENTAL HYGIENE. A discussion of mental health and common prevailing · neuroses and minor mental abnormalities, with emphasis on how to deal with such abnormalities. Credit, two hours.


IONE LOWMAN, Ph.D., Professor


LIBRARY SCIENCE I. Elementary study of classification and cataloguing of personal library. Planned especially for theological students. Elective. Credit, two hours. LIBRARY SCIENCE II. Classification and cataloguing of audio-visual aid materials, for Christian Education majors. Elective. Credit, two hours. LIBRARY SCIENCE III. To introduce the student to books and writers, their scope, qualities, values in the ten Dewey fractions classes. Sources and aids in book selection, principles underlying discriminating selection of books and suitability for specialized libraries. Credit, two hours. LIBRARY SCIENCE IV. Classification and cataloguing: a discussion of the history, principles, and practice of classification; a study of book numbers and methods of cataloguing. Subject headings, analytics, and cross references are discussed; practice cards are made and filed according to rules for library filing. Credit, two hours. LIBRARY SCIENCE V. Theory and practice, with desk practice, audio-visual aid classification and cataloguing, and practice in library filing. Cutter tables, call numbers. Use of Library of Congress cards. Minor book repairs. Credit, four hours.




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