LIBRARY SCIENCE VI. Advanced classification and cataloguing with special emphasis upon Bible College and Bible Institute libraries. Practice in cataloguing a specific library. Desk practice. Credit, four hours . LIBRARY SCIENCE VII. Practicum. Practical experience in supervision and administrati on of small college library or a Sunday School library. Credit, two hours. LIBRARY SCIENCE VIII. Seminar. Library history and practice. Credit, three hours.




BRAILLE FRANCES THIESEN, B. Chr. Ed., Instructor Work among the blind entails the reading and teaching of Braille. The following courses are offered: 205 BRAILLE I. Learning the Braille alphabet and practice in writing. Elective. Credit, two hours. 206 BRAILLE II. Further fluency in writing; reading Braille. Elective, Credit, two hours. 207 BRAILLE III. Transcribing in Braille; continued practice m writing and reading. Elective. Credit, two hours. 208 BRAILLE IV. Advanced reading and transcri bing in Braille. Elective. Credit, two hours.


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