MUSIC GROUP TOURS THE CORONATION CHOIR. The Choir takes an extended annual concert tour of from ten to eigh teen days, presenting a varied program of music and Christian testi­ mony to churches, high schools, Youth for Christ groups, etc. A chartered bus provides comfort and convenience for this group and for special instrumental soloists. THE BAND. Because of the inst ruments necessary to the Band, the tour of this group is shorter in time and distance. Like other musical groups, the Band accepts a number of engagements in churches in and near Los Angeles for their expression of music and testimony. THE ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF MUSIC The outstanding annual musical event of the Bible Institute is the Annual Festival of Music. The Coronation Choir and the Freshmen choruses unite for this great event. With them, the Psalmist String Quartet and other instrumental artists of our student body present the best of their r epertoi re. Of ten the Band appears with this united effort. This Fest ival is given during the month of May, when Los Angeles observes Annual Music Week. MUSIC LIBRARY The Institute lib rary has books and music which are ava ilable to all students. This library which is constantly growing in size and usefu lness includes a large number of recordings, approx imately 400, covering music from the Baroque P eriod to the Twentieth Cen tury. There are two victrolas in classes for use in Music Appreciation. RECITALS Junior and Senior Recitals, which a re given by Music Majors as they approach the end of their years of study, consist of classics of secular and sacred music, in memorized formal programs.


Private lessons are offered in voice, piano, pipe and electric organ, and in all band or orchestral instruments, including piano accordi on and fretted instruments.

MUSIC MAJORS Music Majors are required to take two private lessons each week, one in their major and one in their minor. Two lessons in the major may be taken, provided they have already studied their minor sufficiently to meet the course requirements. There must be two units of credit in Applied Music each semester. 67

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