CONDUCTING II. The introduction of larger forms of music, such as simple church anthems. Simple cantatas. The practice of divided beats and unusual rhythms. P ersona l recitations. Credit, two hours.

105 MUSIC ORIENTATION. A one semester course for music majors who have not had the prerequ isite fo r the study of H armony I and Sol feggio. Credit, · one hour. 107-108 SOLFEGGIO. Designed to train the student to identify chords, intervals, melodies, and rhythms merely by heari ng them. Thi s ear-training is augmented by sight-singing and rhythmic and melod ic pattterns. A basic foundati on in the fund amenta ls of music is desired before enter ing this course. Credit, two hours each semester.


HARMONY III. A study of chromati c harmony and a ltered chords. Exercises in the different styles of ha rmonizat ion. Credit, three hours. HARMONY IV. A study of some of the principles of modern ha rmony and their applicat ion to church music. Credit, three hours.


204 ADVANCED CHORAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONDUCTING. The larger forms of choral and instrumental music a re analyzed and conducted, as well as the standard oratorios. Students a re required to conduct the School Choir or Band at stated times. Credit, two hours. 205-206 H I STORY AND APPRECIATION OF MUSIC. A survey of the fie ld of music from ant iquity to the present, with an analysis of the important move­ ments which greatly influenced the arts in history. The lives of the great masters are stud ied, not ing their particula r contribution to the field of music. Credit, three hours each semester.

KEYBOARD HARMONY. Consists of the appl ication, at the keyboard, of music theory; including the study of melody harmonization in four-part har­ mony, in arpeggio fo rm with rhythmic drill. The harmonization of melodies using free pi ano style of accompaniment. Improvisations, modulations and transpositions. Credit, two hours. HYMN COMPOSITION. An elective class for all other than music majors who des ire to improve their knowledge of the composition of the words and music of hymns and gospel songs. Credit, one hour. PIANO CLASS . F undamenta ls in piano playing, including simple melody and hymn playing, music reading and fundamentals of accompaniment. Two hours per week. Credit, one hour. COUNTERPOINT I. A study of the contrapuntal technique of the sixteenth century. Exercises in writing two, three, and four-part motets in the style of Palestrina. Credit, two hours.





302 COUNTERPOINT II. A study of the contrapuntal technique of the eighteenth century. Exercises in writing two part inventions, choral preludes, and sacred choral music in the style of Bach. Credit, two hours. 303,304 CHURCH MUSIC. A thorough analysis and study of the music of the church, liturgy and seasonal music. Classification of church music, choirs and the adult choir in particular. Emphasis is placed on the spiritual purpose of music in the church. Credit, two hours . 69

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