CORONATION CHOIR. The official school choir, composed of thirty or thirty-six selected voices for a study and performance of the classics and hymns. Its work is both accompanied and a cappella, singing in four, six, and eight parts . A study of the art of interpretation in all its phases. Credit, two hours each semester.


FIRST YEAR. Fundamentals of tone production; song preparation. Application of these principles in simple songs. Stage presence, poise, program building, musicianship and its importance; methods of choosing worthwhile song literature are studied. One group of three or four songs ( to be chosen by the instructor) is memorized. Hymns and Gospel songs are studied, with emphasis laid upon the better class of material in this category. SECOND YEAR. Plans initiated for junior and senior recitals. Work begun on a standard oratorio. Rules of pronunciation of one or more foreign languages, and a language memorized. Student must be able to sing all selections (one complete voice role) from a standard oratorio. THIRD YEAR The student is assigned a group of songs to be prepared unaided by the instructor. Junior recital is given, and senior recital planned in detail. FOURTH YEAR. Senior recital is memorized and given. Voice teaching methods, voice problems of all types of voices are covered; singing with orchestra. A thorough sight-reading examination constitutes the final examination. PIANO CLASSIFICATION OF STUDENTS. Students will be classified according to semesters. First semester students will be classified as PIANO I, second semester students as PIANO II, etc., through PIANO VIII. PREREQUISITE FOR PIANO I. Ability to play compositions of the grade similar to Clementi, "Sonatina in C"; Bach, "Four-Part Chorales"; or the easiest compositions by Chopin. The student must demonstrate to the instructor that he is capable of meeting the Graduation Requirements after four years of study. Those unable to meet the prerequisites for PIANO I will be classified as ELEMENTARY PIANO. SEMESTER REQUIREMENTS. The student must fulfill the following require­ ments each semester: thirty half-hour lessons; written report of compositions studied; memoraization of at least two compositions; a final examination. Course of study must include : exercises, scales and arpeggios, sonatas, compositions of the Romantic period, compositions by contemporary composers. GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS. The student must pass satisfactorily all re­ quirements for the courses PIANO I through PIANO VIII, and give a one-hour recital 71

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