(all compositions memorized) which includes the following compositions: one Prelude and Fugue by Bach; one Sonata by Beethoven or Mozart; two compositions by Chopin; one composition by Brahms, Schumann or Liszt; two compositions by contemporary composers. The student must have studied at least one piano concerto.

ORGAN CLASSIFICATION OF STUDENTS. Students will be classified according to semesters. First semester students will be classified as ORGAN I, second semester students as ORGAN II, etc., through ORGAN VIII. PREREQUISITE FOR ORGAN I. The student must be able to play piano com- positions of the grade similar to Clementi, "Sonatina in C'; "Four-part Chorales" by Bach ; or the easiest compositions by Chopin; and must demonstrate to the teacher that he is capable of meeting the graduation requirements after four years of study. Student deficient in the prerequisites for ORGAN I, are required to do additional work in piano before beginning ORGAN I. SEMESTER REQUIREMENTS. The following are requirements for each semester: thirty half-hour lessons; a written report of compositions studied; memoriza­ tion of at least two compositions; a final examination. The course of study includes: exercises, scales, compositions by J. S. Bach, compositions of the Romantic period, compositions by contemporary composers. GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS. The student must fulfill satisfactorily all requirements for the courses ORGAN I through ORGAN VIII, in addition to one-hour recital (compositions are all memorized) which includes the following compositions: one Prelude and Fugue by Bach; two Chorale Preludes by Bach; one composition by Franck; one composition by Brahms, Schumann or Liszt; one composition by Vierne, Dupre, Messiean, or Langlais; one composition by a contemporary American composer.


Students majoring in flute, oboe, clarinet, or bassoon will be classified as to semesters beginning with Semester I and continuing through Semester VIII. Prerequisites for Semester I: 1. Evidence of potential musicianship.

2. Evidence of potential proficiency for the instrument. 3. Sufficient background, including the ability to play: a. all major and minor scales b. sustained tones

c. some elementary and intermediate studies and scales.

General Requirements for Graduation: 1. Thirty private half-hour lessons are taken each semester. 72

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