2. All requirements of the course of study from Semester I through Semester VIII are fulfilled. 3. Four years of ensemble playing (band and orchestra) required. 4. Four years of chamber music (with strings or woodwinds or both) required. 5. A written report of all material studied and all material memorized handed in at the end of each semester. 6. Development of sight-reading ability (and transposition when necessary) checked periodicaliy. 7. A final examination given each semester over the material covered that semester or other materials the student was assigned during the preceding semesters. 8. A senior recital required. VOICE OR INSTRUMENTS FOR STUDENTS WHO ARE NOT MUSIC MAJORS 1. A minimum of fifteen lessons per semester required for credit. 2. A final examination will be given each semester over the material covered during the current or preceding semesters. 3. No recitals will be required. 4. To the extent permitted by the student's ability, experience, and interest, he will be guided over the course of study required for his subject.


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