In addition to a thorough knowledge of the Bible and its related subjects, the missionary who goes into remote areas needs to know how to maintain his own health and to meet emergencies when no professional help is available. This is done by the careful presentation of basic theoretical knowledge, as well as practical teaching of procedures in nursing and medical care, which is followed in sequence by laboratory experiments and hospital training. The teaching staff of the School of Missionary Medicine consists of twenty-four competent physicians, dentists, laboratory technicians, and nurses, who are specialists in their respective fields . The course covers two semesters of time. Although there is an academic recess at Christmas and Easter time, the training period in the hospital carries through the entire school year. It is required that in addition to completing each academic course satis­ factorily, the student complete hospital training under supervision amounting to 386 clock hours. This hospital training covers clinics in obstetrics, surgery, medicine, pedi­ atrics, nursery, and health services. Upon successful completion of the entire course including classroom studies, laboratory procedures, and hospital clinics, a diploma is given. ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS Students making applicat ion to this post-graduate school must be graduates of a Bible School, College, or Seminary and must have the approval of their Mission Board if they are so connected. The School of Missionary Medicine is approved by the Veterans' Administration. Satis factory appl ication papers, including three reference forms, transcripts from all previous schools, health examination, and an Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.) report must be received for evaluation before a student is considered as a candidate for admission. All correspondence should be sent to the Director of the School ( See p. 6). Application forms will be sent upon request. A pre-registration deposit of $10.00 must accompany application papers. This deposit is refunded if the applicant notifies the school of his cancellation one month before registration date. Course Subject Units of Course Subject Units of Credit Credit 501 ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY 2 523 EYE DISEASES 1 502 CLINICS I 1 506 EAR, NOSE, and THROAT 1 504 COMMUNICABLE DIS- 503 CLINICS II 1 EASES 1 515 NUTRITION 2 505 SURGICAL FIRST AID 1 512 PUBLIC HEALTH and 507 INTERNAL MEDICINE 2 SANITATION 508 PHARMACOLOGY I 1 518 DERMATOLOGY and 510 ORIENTATION: Medico I TROPICAL DISEASES 2 511 PERSONAL and COM- 517 SURGERY: Major, Minor 1 MUNITY HYGIENE 509 PHARMACOLOGY II 1 519* BIBLE I 520* BIBLE II 516 OBSTETRICS 2 525 NURSING ARTS II 2 513 BACTERIOLOGY 1 521 DENTAL SCIENCE 1 514 LABORATORY SCIENCE I 1 522 DENTAL LABORATORY 1 524 NURSING ARTS 2 526 GYNECOLOGY 1 527 LABORATORY SCIENCE II 1 *Bible and Practical Christian Work are required in the Course, but no credit is given. 75

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