Legally known as The Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Incorporated, this institution -with true pioneer spirit-has taken forward steps in the field of Christian education by strengthening its courses materially. In 1936 the Institute applied for and received State authorization for the conferring of certain degrees. Three four-year courses were then organized leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Christian Education, and Bachelor of Sacred Music. In 1943, under authority of the State of California, the Board of Trustees of the · Bible Institute of Los Angeles established the Bible Theological Seminary of Los Angeles. This move was made in order to provide proper recognition for those students who are doing work of seminary level. In 1945, in an effort to extend the missionary training program of the Bible Institute, the School of Missionary Medicine was brought into being. This post-graduate year is offered to graduates of Bible schools, seminaries, and colleges as supplementary training for missionary work, and is open to graduates of any school who qualify in the spiritual, intellectual, and missionary requirements that are outlined. The most recent expansion occurred in the summer of 1949 when, in response to repeatedly stated needs of mission boards and Christian leaders, the Bible Institute increased its faculty and enlarged its curriculum to include a Bible College with courses leading a Bachelor of Arts degree, and a graduate year in Theology leading to a Bachelor of Theology degree (Th.B.). This expansion is in line with the theological and spiritual standards of the Institute, and is a logical development in the direct ion demanded by mission boards, seminaries, and in general, the evangelical work of the church.


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