ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS All applicants for admission to the Bible Institute of Los Angeles should be be­ tween the age of 18 and 45, of at least one year's Christian experience, and well recommended by three referees. Prospective students should wnte to the Superintendent of Men or Women re­ spectively, enclosing the application included in this catalog (see pp. 37-38) or re­ questing application blanks. Uniform reference blanks will be sent for three refer­ ences also a form for the medical examination. Those desiring to enroll in any of the courses leading to a degree must hold a high school diploma, and have 8 recommended units as follows: 2 units of English; 3 units of social science; 2 of language; I of science. Students entering the Institute must begin work at the beginning of a semester, either in September or January, preferably in September. All applications for admis- sion should be in the hands of the Superintendents not later than two weeks before the opening of the semester. Students are accepted on trial, and if for any remson they are found unadapted for Christian work, they may be asked to withdraw at any time. ADVANCED STANDING Students who have been enro lled in another Bible Institute, college, or seminary, may apply for advanced standing. The Registrar will evaluate such work on the basis of equivalency. Credit may be granted only at the discretion of the teacher of the subject in­ volved, on the basis of a personal interview with the student and an examination if the instructor deems it necessary. Credit is to be applied for at beginning of a semester and must be cleared by mid-term of that semester. This applies to work covered by correspondence. Minimum requirements for graduation are: one year of resident work, one semes­ ter's residence in the building, and nine hours per semester of classroom work. CLASSIFICATION OF STUDENTS 1. Regular-Those who have met full requirements for admission and who carry a prescribed schedule looking forward to graduation. Regular students are further classified as to their course of study: Institute students, who are looking forward to graduation from a 3-year diploma course, and Theological Seminary students, who have qualified for a four-year course leading to a degree 2. Special-Those who present reasons satisfactory to the faculty are privileged to take an elective course consisting of a minimum of five hours of classroom work which includes at least one Bible subject. 3. Post Graduate-Graduates of the school who wish to return for additional work for credit. Auditors-Those who wish to attend classes without receiving credit. Auditors may not orally participate in class, may not hand in class assignments, and may not take examinations. COURSE RESTRICTIONS Seminary subjects are open only to students who are classified in the seminary courses, or to Seniors who have maintained a scholarship average of c+. Eight units in Music are allowed as electives to students not enrolled as music majors. 4

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