APOLOGETICS 301-310 Paul R. Bauman-Department Head

APOLOGETICS I (General Biblical Introduction) treats the problems of in­ spiration, canonicity, genuineness and authenticity, Biblical languages and writing materials of the Old and New Testaments . Attention is given to the inter-Testament period and the Apocryphal books. Special emphasis is given to a history of the English Bible. -Dr. Bauman APOLOGETICS II (Christian Evidences ) examines the proofs of the divine authority of the Christian religion as seen in the Biblical, historical, and archaeological records, and the verification of Christian experience. -Dr. Bauman APOLOGETICS III (Biblical Archaeology) surveys the field of Archaeology to show how recent discoveries in Egypt, Babylonia, Assyria, and Palestine witness to the authenticity and infallibility of the Holy Scriptures . -Dr. Bauman APOLOGETICS IV (Bible and Science) reveals the relationship between science and the Bible, including a careful study of the Genesis account of creation in the light of the original text and in the light of scientific facts . Other passages of importance relating to scientific phenomena are con­ sidered in the same manner. -Dr. Bauman APOLOGETICS V (Special Biblical Introduction) is a course designed to acquaint the student with the authenticity of the separate books of the Old and New Testaments, a mastery of the methods and problems of introduc­ tion , formation of the canon, and critical attacks . Prerequisite: Apologetics 301. -Mr. Ramm APOLOGETICS VI (New Testament Archaelogy) presents a general survey of the literary and historical background of the New Testament , including inter-Biblical history, Jewish and pagan customs, and the discoveries of archaeology which bear upon the interpretation of the New Testament. -Dr. Bauman







307 CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHY sets forth the adequacy of the Christian religion as a philosophy, and, by comparison with other systems, proves it to be the only adequate philosophy. -Dr. Lowman

CHRISTIAN PSYCHOLOGY presents the study of the human mind , based upon the valid conclusions of general psychology, emphasizing its Scriptural foundation, its application to the ministry of evangelism, and the psychology of the "new man. " -Dr. Lowman


NON-CHRISTIAN RELIGIONS studies the living religions of the world, con- sidering their philosophy, doctrine, and practices. -Dr. Lowman



CULTS presents a study of modern-day cults. Source material, giving the teachings of the cults, is compared with the corresponding teaching of the Word of God. -Dr. Lowman


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